Place a cover sheet, labeled accordingly, over each appendix. (for example: Appendix A: Original Data Sheets)

  • Data Sheets (originals)
  • Spreadsheet Calculations (if used)
  • Safety Article Review (with copy of article)

The safety article review should provide your instructor and your fellow group members with an accurate condensation of an entire article or report, focusing on the important issues. You should give enough information about the original article so that your readers can understand the purpose and content of the original. Your review should be no longer than two pages.

First, choose an article from current literature concerning safety in chemical engineering. At the top of the first page of your review, supply the complete and accurate bibliographic citation (see Literature Cited for guideline resources); then triple-space.

Begin your review with a brief survey of the entire article (either major topics or conditions discussed). For instance, if the safety article focuses on a historical event, begin your review by restating the date, place, and conditions leading up to the incident. Then address the author's or authors' major concerns in the order presented, focusing on important details such as results, conclusions, or recommendations.

You may then discuss in a short paragraph how the subject can affect either academic research or the industry as a whole. If you have had previous experience that relates to the topic, you may wish to include your own evaluation of the author's ideas.

NOTE: Remember to include a copy of the article after the review itself.