All ChE lab workstations run Windows 7. Software packages for simulation, computational fluid dynamics, statistical analysis, mathematical analysis, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations are available on all workstations. All workstations are linked via switched 100Base-T to the departmental network. The departmental network is attached to the TAMU Campus Network making campus and internet resources available.

The Graduate computer lab has 32 - 27 inch HP systems with 3.2GHz quad Xeon-E3 processors and 8GB RAM.  A high speed black and white printer is available.  A color printer, copier, scan to email system is also available in the graduate computer lab.

The Undergraduate Plant Design Computer lab also has 32 - 27 inch Apple iMac systems with 2.66 quad core I5 processors and 4GB RAM.

The Undergraduate main lab has 72 Dell systems with 19" TFT monitors, core 2 duo processors and at least 3GB RAM.

The undergraduate labs share 2 high speed black and white printers, a color printer and a black and while scanner/copier.

In addition, there are separate study areas and a lounge with vending machines.


                                         The Plant Design Computer lab

All CHEN students or any student taking CHEN courses are eligible for an account on the Chemical Engineering Server and may use the Chemical Engineering Computer Labs. The Computer Lab uses a card reader system allowing student access 24 hours a day, 7 days week.

CAT cluster accounts are also available to students who need to use these systems for coursework or research. C and Fortran compilers are available.