Study Abroad: Tianjin, China

It's about preparing yourself for success on a global level.

intro Today's world is a world of increasing interdependence. An interconnectedness cuts across political, environmental, economical and professional boundaries, linking eight billion people more so than at any other period in history.

Tapping into this interconnectedness is an essential part of preparing for the globalized world you will likely encounter upon graduating. When you acquire an international perspective, you gain an appreciation for diversity of both culture and thought, and that's an invaluable asset when it comes to defining and overcoming engineering challenges.

The Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering can help you cultivate such a perspective.

Through the department's faculty-led study abroad program in Tianjin, China, Texas A&M University chemical engineering students receive instruction in relevant coursework from Texas A&M faculty members while living in China's sixth-largest city for a three-week period.

It's the opportunity to pursue your academic interests while immersing yourself in a foreign culture rich in tradition, and with scholarships available to help defray travel costs, there's no reason to miss out. So give it a shot. Go beyond the classroom and get serious about success on a global level.