The Chemical Engineering Curriculum at Texas A&M includes a requirement of 2 courses (6 hours) of CHEN Specialty Options, which are to be taken from an approved list of senior level Chemical Engineering courses. The purpose of this CHEN component of the curriculum is to provide each chemical engineering student the opportunity to acquire knowledge and capabilities in one or more specialized topics which extend the fundamentals developed in the basic chemical engineering courses to more advanced or specialized areas relevant to Chemical Engineering practice. This also permits the student to develop a concentration or option in a more specialized technical area. Examples of these topics include Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering, Polymer Engineering, Process Safety Engineering, Environmental Sustainability, Risk Analysis, Electronic Materials Processing, Service Learning, and Special Topics. Students consult with their faculty mentor to select a sequence of specialty elective courses that can provide either a broad background or concentrated focus in a particular specialty area.

These Chemical Engineering courses are not "free electives," or "technical electives," they are required chemical engineering senior level courses. They are labeled "options" because the student has a choice from a list of specified courses from which to select these courses. They are an integral part of the curriculum, just as all of our other senior chemical engineering courses are. Any substitutions for the courses on the specified list must be petitioned on an individual basis, and such petitions are approved only if tangible evidence is provided that the substitution is equivalent in level, scope, and depth to a typical senior level chemical engineering course.

The only exception to the above permits a student to substitute a maximum of 3 hours of any combination of credits from ENGR 385 (Co-op), CHEN 485 (Directed Studies), and ENGR 470 (Engineering Projects in Community Service). Students who exercise this substitution option must take at least 1 course (3 hours) from the prescribed list of Chemical Engineering (CHEN) option courses.

Technical specialty areas in Chemical Engineering

Some examples of course combinations that are acceptable as Chemical Engineering Specialty Options, and which can be used for Technical Specialty Emphasis, are given below (these are examples only - other combinations are possible; note that any course outside list requires Assistant Head's approval):


  • CHEN/BAEN 471 - Intro to Biochemical Engineering
  • CHEN/BAEN 422 - Unit Operations in Food Processing

Environmental Engineering

  • MEEN 477 - Air Pollution Engineering
  • CVEN 402 - Engineered Environmental Systems
  • CVEN 413 - Natural Environmental Systems
  • CVEN 406 - Environmental Protection and Public Health

Electronic Materials Engineering

  • CHEN 475 - Microelectronics Process Engineering
  • ELEN 370 - Electronic Properties of Materials
  • ELEN 472 - Microelectronic Circuit Fabrication

Polymer Engineering

  • CHEN 451 - Intro. To Polymer Engineering
  • MEEN 455 - Engineering with Plastics
  • MEEN 458 - Fundamentals of Polymer Processing

Process Safety Engineering Certification Program

See: /academics/certificates/safety

Other CHEN Specialty Options

  • CHEN 430 - Risk Analysis in Safety Engineering
  • CHEN 440 - Introduction to Transport Phenomena
  • CHEN 450 - Introduction to Microfabrication and Microfluids Technology
  • CHEN 459 - Oil and Gas Production and Processing
  • CHEN 460 - Quantitative Risk Analysis in Safety Engineering
  • CHEN 631 - Process Dynamics (enrollment in graduate course is by petition, GPA>3.20 required)
  • ENGR 470 - EPICS, Engineering Projects in Community Service(up to 3 hours)
  • CHEN 489 - Special Topics courses

Note: Any course outside list requires academic advisor's approval.