Series of portrait of students wearing face masks.

Together We Mask

We are all in the fight against COVID-19 together. Wearing a mask is required in all Texas A&M University facilities. Join the movement by sending us a photo of yourself wearing a mask in your study environment. Use the photo submission form below.

Legal Photo Statement

By submitting photos, you agree to their use by the Texas A&M University College of Engineering for marketing purposes.

Photo GuidelinesIllustration demonstrating how photo should be taken, with horizontal orientation, leave adequate space above your head, and center yourself in the frame.

  • Turn the phone sideways to take a horizontal picture.
  • Center yourself in frame.
  • Leave space above your head to make sure there is plenty of room.
  • Bottom of the image should hit the top of your stomach.
  • Masks should have no words/phrases/acronyms on masks, except official Texas A&M branding.

Look for Us on Social Media

Use #TogetherWeMask and #WearAMaskAgs to find our latest discussions about the Engineering Mask Campaign on social media.

Let's Face This Together

By submitting this form, you agree to the above expectations and understand that photos will be reviewed for consideration to be included in future promotional materials.

Learn about guidelines for wearing face coverings on the Texas A&M campus.