• Associate Professor
Brian E. Applegate

Educational Background

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Biomedical Engineering, Duke University
  • Ph.D., Chemistry, Ohio State University
  • M.S., Chemistry, Ohio State University
  • B.S., Chemistry, Wright State University

Research Interests

  • Dr. Brian E. Applegate is associate professor ?in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University. His research interests are broadly to develop novel biophotonic technologies and apply them to the diagnosis and monitoring of human disease as well as the basic scientific understanding of human disease.

    He is the director of the Laboratory for Optical and Molecular Imaging. Researchers in the lab work on developing novel technologies related to Optical Coherence Tomography, Photoacoustic Microscopy, Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging, and Confocal Microscopy. Diseases of the ear and atherosclerosis are two areas of particular interest to the group. The work is highly interdisciplinary and involves strong collaborations with other research groups at Texas A&M, the Department of Otolaryngology at Stanford University, and the Texas Heart Institute.

Awards & Honors

  • Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station 2012 Select Young Faculty Award, 2012
  • Optical Society of America, Topical Editor, Optics Letters, 2012-
  • National Science Foundation Early CAREER Award, 2011
  • National Institutes of Health, Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2004-2006

Selected Publications

  • S. S. Gao, R. Wang, P. D. Raphael, M. Yalda, A. K. Groves, J. Zuo, B. E. Applegate, and J. S. Oghalai, “Vibration of the organ of Corti within the cochlear apex in mice” Journal of Neurophysiology in press (2014)
  • S. P. Mattison, and B. E. Applegate, "Simplified method for ultra high-resolution photoacoustic microscopy via transient absorption" Optics letters 39, 4474-4477 (2014)
  • C. Olsovsky, R. Shelton, O. Carrasco-Zevallos, B. E. Applegate, and K. C. Maitland, "Chromatic confocal microscopy for multi-depth imaging of epithelial tissue" Biomed Opt Express 4, 732-740 (2013)
  • O. Carrasco-Zevallos, R. L. Shelton, W. Kim, J. Pearson, and B. E. Applegate, "In vivo pump-probe optical coherence tomography imaging in Xenopus laevis," J Biophotonics (2013)
  • J. Park, P. Pande, S. Shrestha, F. Clubb, B. E. Applegate, and J. A. Jo, "Biochemical characterization of atherosclerotic plaques by endogenous multispectral fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy," Atherosclerosis 220, 394-401 (2012)