• Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Alvin T. Yeh

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley – 2000

Research Interests

  • Research areas: Microscopy, biomedical optics, early embryonic brain development, genomic imaging

    Dr. Alvin T. Yeh's research primarily focuses on development of novel microscopies based on ultrashort optical pulses and coupling these microscopies with enabling tools and reagents to better understand regenerative tissue engineering and vertebrate neural development.

    Unique to Yeh’s research efforts is the utilization of femtosecond laser pulses that are one hundred-thousandth of one billionth of a (10-14) second in duration. Properties of optical pulses of such short duration are exploited to enhance signal generation for imaging, develop multimodal microscopy with complementary contrast mechanisms, and perform live cell multimolecular imaging of complex biological systems. For tissue engineering, these capabilities are integrated with custom bioreactors to better understand the development of tissue properties at the molecular and cellular level in response to mechanical and chemical culture environments.

    Ultrashort optical pulses are utilized also in the development of novel microscopy platforms to study neural development in vertebrate embryos. In the developing central nervous system, progenitor cell populations are partitioned into compartments and gradually refined into functional sub-domains. The unique capabilities of ultrashort pulse microscopy are used to identify and understand how distinct progenitor populations interact to form functional units of the brain.