Rainer Fink

Associate Professor of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution


Office: 106 Fermier
Phone: 979.845.5150
Email: fink@tamu.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Dr. Fink has biomedical research expertise in the area of medical device development. Having served as the former CEO of BioMimix (a startup focused on the development of activity based prosthesis for children) and as the CTO for several medical device companies in Houston, Dr. Fink brings expertise in the design, testing, regulatory clearance as well as manufacturing of medical devices. His ongoing research at Texas A&M includes the development of a novel Raman Spectrometer to detect chemical compounds in breath to determine disease states in humans. This technology was licensed from The University of Texas at Austin under the umbrella of IsoSpec Technologies LP, which is one of the startups Dr. Fink supports in Houston.

Selected Patents/Applications

Electronic water line tracer

Skin impedance matching system for skin/electrode interface

System and method for acquiring and displaying uterine EMG signals

System and method for acquiring uterine EMG signals and wirelessly transmitting the same

Method and apparatus to determine impedance variations in a skin/electrode interface

Method and system for acquiring and displaying abdominal EMG signals

Non-invasive measurement of uterine EMG propagation and power spectrum can predict true preterm labor and delivery

Measuring and displaying propagation velocity of uterine action potentials to determine onset of true labor

Method and system to monitor state and function of the cervix and effects of treatments for the cervix

Method and system to monitor, detect, diagnose and predict separation/rupture of uterine scar associated with vaginal birth after cesarean procedures

Awards & Honors

  • 2003 Texas A&M Association of Former Students College-level Distinguished Achievement Award for Teaching
  • 1999 Montague Center for Teaching Excellence Scholar Award


  • Ph.D., Texas A&M University
  • M.S., Texas A&M University
  • B.S., Texas A&M University