If you did not complete an undergraduate engineering degree, you may be required to complete some or all of the following leveling core courses based on your previous degree(s). This list of courses serves as a recommended guide. The final list of required courses will be determined by the student's committee chair and approved by the Director of the Graduate Program. It is not mandatory to complete leveling courses before applying or being accepted into the program.  

Leveling Courses are intended to meet three objectives:

  1. To ensure an adequate background in mathematics, computing, physiology and engineering to pursue biomedical engineering graduate study.
  2. To provide an adequate basis in biomedical engineering to ensure breadth in the field and to eliminate the need for remediation in graduate course work.
  3. To ensure a foundation in engineering equivalent to the undergraduate accreditation requirements.

Students with a B.S. in an engineering field other than BMEN complete 1-3 courses. Students with a B.S. in a non-engineering field typically require more than 3 courses, and it is recommended that these students complete calculus, differential equations, and basic engineering classes prior to applying.

Course No. Course Name Hours
MATH 251 Engineering Math III 3
MATH 308 Differential Equations 3
BMEN 211 Signals and Systems 3
BMEN 321 Biomedical Electronics 3
BMEN 341 Biofluid Mechanics 3
BMEN 343 Introduction to Biomaterials 3
BMEN 344 Biological Response to Medical Devices 3
BMEN 361 Biosolid Mechanics 3
BMEN 420 Medical Imaging 3
BMEN 452 Mass and Energy Transfer 3
Physiology* (course & self-study options available)
* Physiology is required for anyone who has not taken it, regardless of previous degree. VTPP 605, VTPP 623, or completed self-study materials provided by the Graduate Advisor must be completed prior to completing the first year of the graduate program.