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There’s more to your education than just your class work, and that’s what these enrichment programs aim to do: increase the value of your education and your degree.

Whether it’s a certificate to go beyond the traditional curriculum to gain specific knowledge in a concentrated area, or undergraduate summer research to get hands-on experience in a research laboratory, these programs are of great value — both to you as a student and to your future employers. 

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Honors and Certificate Programs

Enhance the value of your degree by going beyond the traditional engineering curriculum through our certificate programs. And if you're a high achieving student looking for an extra challenge, try the Engineering Honors Program.

Access and Inclusion

The Access and Inclusion program seeks to increase the diversity of engineering students by recruiting, retaining and developing successful students from underrepresented populations. 

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Student Organizations

There are numerous engineering student organizations within the college of engineering. From general engineering organizations through department-focused organizations, there's something for everyone.  

Women in Engineering

Women in Engineering

Through innovative programming and partnerships, the Women in Engineering program works to increase the number of female engineering graduates and creates a diverse pool of candidates entering the engineering workforce and academia. 

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Zachry Leadership Program

The purpose of the Zachry Leadership Program is to further empower engineering students to become future leaders who are well-versed in our free enterprise system, collaborative in their decision-making and humbly self-confident in their behaviors.