• Associate Professor of Engineering Practice, Aerospace Engineering
Brad Worsham

Educational Background

  • Graduate Fellow, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University - 1994
  • B.S., Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University - 1988

Industry Experience

    • Pilot Ratings:
      • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Airplane Multi-Engine Land (MEL)
        • Cessna Citation 500-series jets type rating
      • Commercial, Instrument Airplane Single-Engine Land (SEL)
      • Commercial, Instrument Helicopter
      • 2000+ hours: C172, C206; TBM700 turboprop; CE500, CE560 jets; R44, R66 helicopters
      • Pursuing Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Airplane SEL rating
    • Industry Experience: 30 years supporting U.S. Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Community
      • BIT Systems, Inc.: Co-founder, Board Member, Project Manager, Design/Software Engineer
      • MRJ, Inc.: Satellite Mission Management Subject Matter Expert (SME)
      • Lockheed Missiles & Space: SIGINT Ops SME, Systems Engineer, Ops trainer
      • USAF (civilian): SIGINT operations collector
      • CIA: Surface to Air Missile (SAM) telemetry and systems analyst