• Assistant Professor
Chris Limbach profile photo

Educational Background

  • 2015 Ph.D. Princeton University, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • 2009 B.S. University of Arizona, Engineering Physics
  • 2009 B.S. University of Arizona, Astronomy

Research Interests

    • Laser diagnostics for gases, plasmas and droplet-laden flows
    • Applications of non-equilibrium plasmas to aerodynamic flow control, propulsion and combustion
    • Inverse design for plasma actuators and devices
    • Supercritical droplet combustion

Awards & Honors

  • Invited Speaker: Special Session on Plasma Diagnostic Techniques – AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting (2017)
  • National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellow, American Society for Engineering Education (2012 - 2015)
  • Plasma Science and Technology Fellow, Princeton University (2011)

Selected Publications

  • C.M. Limbach and R.B. Miles, “Rayleigh Scattering Measurements of Heating and Gas Perturbations Accompanying Femtosecond Laser Tagging,” AIAA Journal. Vol. 55, No. 1 (2017) pp. 112-120 Article in Advance. DOI: 10.2514/1.J054772
  • C.M. Limbach, R. Robinson, D. Adams, M. Wilbanks and A.P. Yalin. “Toward A Microscopic Study of Laser Interactions with Single Levitated Liquid Droplets in an Electrodynamic Balance,” 47th AIAA Plasmadynamics and Lasers Conference, AIAA Aviation, (AIAA 2016-3382).
  • J. George, C.M. Limbach, T.P. Jenkins,and R.B. Miles. “Measurement of Dissociation Fraction and Temperature using Laser Rayleigh Scattering Methods,” 32nd AIAA Aerodynamic Measurement Technology and Ground Testing Conference, AIAA Aviation, (AIAA 2016-3114).
  • A.J. Friss, C.M. Limbach and A.P. Yalin, "Cavity-Enhanced Rotational Raman Scattering in Gases Using a 20 mW Near-Infrared Fiber Laser," Optics Letters. 41, 3193-3196 (2016).
  • C.M. Limbach and R.B. Miles. “Adjoint Optimization of the Spatial Profile of Steady Energy Deposition for Supersonic Drag Reduction,” 45th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference, AIAA Aviation, (AIAA 2015-2466).
  • R.B. Miles, J.B. Michael, C.M. Limbach, S.D. McGuire, T.L. Chng, M.R. Edwards, N.J. DeLuca, M.N. Shneider and A. Dogariu. “New Diagnostic Methods for Laser Plasma- and Microwave- Enhanced Combustion,” Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences, Vol. 373, No. 2048 (2015).