• Assistant Professor
Daniil Andrienko

Educational Background

  • 2013: Ph.D. Applied Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
  • 2014: Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Wright State University

Research Interests

    • Hypersonic flows

    •  Molecular Dynamics

    • High Temperature Gasdynamics

    • Computational Fluid Dynamics

    • Radiation Transfer

    • Chemical Kinetics

Awards & Honors

  • Graduate Student Award (2011)
  • Presidential Stipend (2010)

Selected Publications

  • D Andrienko and ID Boyd "Rovibrational energy transfer and dissociation in O2-O collisions", Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 144 (10), 104301, 2016
  • D Andrienko and ST Surzhikov "P1 approximation applied to Radiative heating of Descent Spacecraft", Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, Vol. 49, No. 6, pp. 1088-1098, 2012
  • I Ulusoy, D Andrienko, ID Boyd and R Hernandez "Quantum and quasi-classical collisional dynamics of O2–Ar at high temperatures", Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 144 (23), 234311, 2016
  • JS Shang, D Andrienko, PG Huang and ST Surzhikov "A computational approach for hypersonic nonequilibrium radiation utilizing space partition algorithm and Gauss quadrature", Journal of Computational Physics, Vol. 266, pp.1–21, 2014