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What is the overall goal of your project?

The overall goal is to build a solar energy driven thermal evaporation system.  The concept will use scalably synthesized robust materials to efficiently convert solar energy into thermal energy, which will be leveraged to facilitate evaporation of a liquid (e.g., waste water or saline water) to distill/purify or dispose it.

What is the key challenge your project is trying to solve?

The key challenge is building a sufficiently large membrane to promote high evaporation rates (or water purification throughput).

What is the impact on society your project has?

There are multiple potential applications where this technology can have an impact, and the two most relevant ones are: (i) clean and potable water requiring low capital and operational expenses, and (ii) waste water treatment/purification/remediation (e.g., zero liquid discharge, post disaster clean-up, etc.).

Faculty Mentor: Dr. D. Antao

Targeted Engineering Majors: CHEN, CVEN, MEEN, OCEN, PETE, MSEN