In the Texas A&M University College of Engineering, the academic departments are the primary authority with respect to departmental policies and procedures regarding their curriculum.  Further, departmental academic advisors are knowledgeable about departmental-level, university-level and college-level policies and procedures governing academics and are charged with enforcing these policies. 

In regards to an academic policy, if no satisfactory resolution is reached with the advisor, and the student wishes to appeal, the student shall appeal to the department head.  If the department head (or designee) denies the appeal, the student may appeal, by completion of this form, to either the associate dean for undergraduate programs or the associate dean for graduate programs in the College of Engineering, depending on the student’s classification.

Student Directions: To appeal through the Dean’s Office, complete the form below. Responses to the questions should be typed on a separate document. If applicable, student should provide copies of relevant supporting documents to help justify the request. Once complete, submit the form, typed justification page and, if applicable, relevant supporting documents as one complete package to first (1) the academic advisor, then second (2) to the department head/designee for review and signatures. If the appeal involves a conflict with the advisor and/or department head, the complete package can be submitted directly to the Dean’s Office without signatures.