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Important Things to Know

Explore your options

The College of Engineering offers 19 majors — from aerospace engineering to interdisciplinary engineering.

Find your community

Do you want to build an underwater robot and compete on a Women in Engineering project team? How about living in a residence hall with other engineering students who are just as interested in solving environmental problems as you are? No matter who you are, there is a community for you. 

ENGR[x] Program

What sets you apart? ENGR[x] is a new zero-credit-hour required program, populated with approved engineering-centric activities that meet the criteria of high impact learning experiences.

Expand your horizons

Do you want to spend a semester abroad, exploring another country and culture? Through Halliburton Engineering Global Programs, our students are able to be globetrotters while also earning course credits. Not to mention, your future employer will thank us for making sure you're prepared for our increasingly globalized world. 

Become an entrepreneur

Engineering Entrepreneurship equips you with the skills, knowledge and experiences needed to be successful in industry. Whether you’re interested in launching your own startup, commercializing your product or leading design and innovation at a Fortune 500 company, we will help you develop the entrepreneurial mindset necessary for your success. 

Be a leader

The Zachry Leadership Program is a joint effort between the College of Engineering and Zachry Group. This program empowers engineering students to become future leaders who are well-versed in our free enterprise system, collaborative in their decision-making, and humbly self-confident in their behaviors.

Become a researcher

Are you an undergraduate engineering student who wants to discover innovative solutions to problems? The Undergraduate Summer Research Grant Program (USRG) provides an exciting and unique opportunity for undergraduate students to immerse themselves in research under the guidance of engineering faculty, postdoctoral fellows and advanced graduate students. 

Design and build in our makerspace

The Engineering Innovation Center is an open space where engineering students have access to state-of-the-art prototyping tools, equipment, material and support staff. Through partnerships with industry and non-profit sponsors, the EIC is an environment where concepts become solutions to real world problems and student teams come together to build new prototypes, acquire new skills and develop new relationships.

Excel academically

Worried about making the grades? Not to fear. We have a partnership with the Academic Success Center to give you all the help you need with math, physics, chemistry and engineering courses. 

Learn about Entry-To-A-Major

Selecting your major is hard. That's why we give our first-year engineering students one year to explore all 19 undergraduate degrees before they make their decision. An informed decision is always a better decision. 

Apply for Financial aid

Don't forget to apply for financial aid and explore all scholarship opportunities.  

Bring Your Own Device

Just as we require our students to have specific textbooks and supplies in order to gain the highest quality engineering educational experience, the college of engineering requires our students to purchase a computer to complement the course instruction.