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Howdy, Class of 2022!

Ask any of our students why they chose engineering at Texas A&M University, and they'll tell you this: "I want to make a difference." That's what sets us apart. And that's why we're so happy you're joining us. 

The world needs innovative ideas and problem-solvers now more than ever before. Engineers are behind the smartphone you use every day, the medical equipment that diagnoses diseases and saves lives, and the autonomous cars that will drive you to work one day. Simply put, engineers are propelling us into the future. 

The College of Engineering at Texas A&M educates and prepares engineers with top-ranked programs, renowned faculty and some of the best-equipped teaching and research facilities in the world. 

It's the best time to become an Aggie engineer. 

Imagine walking into a creative learning environment where desks are replaced with movable project team tables equipped with monitors that rise at the touch of a button.  Your professor takes your class to the Gulf of Mexico by connecting to a researcher out on an oil rig to help you solve a problem. You leave class with a digital file of your notes that you later access in the design studio makerspace to create a prototype product. This is the type of learning you will experience in the new Zachry Engineering Education Complex opening summer 2018. 


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Have you finished your application yet? The deadline is January 2, so don't wait too long! 

Engineering Innovation Center

Earn a scholarship

More than 43 percent of engineering undergraduates receive some type of scholarship.

Choose Your Major

With 19 majors to choose from, making your selection can be difficult. That's why we created the "Entry to a Major" process. This gives students a year to explore all degree options while taking your core engineering classes.

Students work on laptop

Bring Your Own Device

Have you purchased a laptop from the College of Engineering's approved list of devices? 

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Be prepared

Freshmen admitted to the College of Engineering are required to take a Math Placement Exam (MPE), which is designed to ensure adequate preparation for calculus. 

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Live in The Engineering Village 

The Engineering Village @ The Commons is a living learning program for freshman engineering students, designed to ease the transition into the rigors of university life by offering academic, professional and social support.

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Begin at an Engineering Academy

The College of Engineering has created partnerships with several two-year institutions, increasing access and affordability to a Texas A&M engineering degree.

Engineering Entrepreneurship

Become an entrepreneur

The Engineering Entrepreneurship Program provides engineering students with opportunities to learn, understand and apply innovation and entrepreneurship skills. 

Students designing

Get involved

Students who get involved are students who succeed. Whether you're interested in competing in national design competitions with Women in Engineering, or rolling up your sleeves to solve real-world problems in 48 hours with Aggies Invent, there's something for you. 

Global Programs

Explore global opportunities

With Halliburton Engineering Global Programs, you can take engineering courses at a university on the other side of the world while earning course credit toward your degree.