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Safety comes first at the  SuSu and Mark A. Fischer ’72 Engineering Design Center (FEDC). We will provide training on secure machine areas and on all machines that you will be required to run.

Our training is annotated and updated every semester. Failure to follow these safety rules can lead to loss of shop privileges and FEDC access. The FEDC operates on a zero-tolerance policy when it involves safety violations.

All incidents are to be reported immediately to the staff on duty. Send any information directly to

To gain access to the design center, students must  complete the Fischer Engineering Design Center Safety Powerpoint and then take the Fischer Design Center Orientation Quiz . A second series of safety training and in-person training is required to enter the fabrication shop and the artisan shop. These areas require certain dress codes and visible badges color coded for the area.

Dress Code for the FEDC

All project areas will require closed shoes, long pants and shirts with sleeves. No food or drinks of any kind are allowed inside the center. Please keep water bottles in your backpack. Certain areas of the FEDC will require safety glasses at all times. You should have your own safety glasses. We no longer provide any safety glasses. Students must provide their own and all areas of the FEDC outside of our initial entryway (room 111) requires safety glasses.

Dress Code for FEDC Fabrication Areas

Fabrication areas require closed shoes with support, long pants and shirts with sleeves. No jewelry should be worn on your hands, face, head or neck. Long hair must be tied and stowed under a collar. Capri, yoga, 100% rayon, nylon or polyester pants are not acceptable. Cotton jeans, khakis or sturdy seat pants are preferred. Long-sleeve shirts need to button at the wrist or be rolled up to the elbow. No food or drink is allowed inside fabrication areas. Also, please do not bring cellphones or headphones in the fabrication shop.

Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing Definitions

  • Long pants – must cover the top/opening of the shoe, not just touch it. The pants must completely cover the opening of the shoe to prevent anything sliding down the pants into the shoe. Pants and shirts should have no holes, deformations, cuts or rubouts that will show skin or underclothes.
  • Shirts – are defined as having complete circular sleeves that cover the side deltoid muscle. Examples are t-shirts, button-up oxfords, polos or Carharts. Shirts must not have holes or loose frays of thread.
  • Closed shoes – are defined as having a hard sole at least 1/4" thick. Shoes must cover all toes including the sides, and must cover the top of the foot to the ankle from all sides. The heel must be completely enclosed. Shoes must be made of a substantial material able to withstand the impact of any falling materials.
  • Safety glasses – are defined as polycarbonate wraparound Z87.1 certified.
  • Welding personal protective equipment (PPE) – will be specified near the room you will be working in.

FEDC Required Dress Code & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Zone Map - standard clothing is allowed only in the entryway admin area but all other areas in the FEDC require specific dress codes. See room signage when entering each area for clothing requirements.