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Engineering Honors students majoring in ocean engineering (OCEN) must meet the academic and non-academic requirements for this track.

We have also included a sample course plan to be used as a guide when selecting courses each semester.

Academic Requirements

Students must earn at least 18 hours of honors credits (undergraduate honors courses with HNR prefix or graduate courses) in courses offered by the College of Engineering or Science*.

*Any course offered by the College of Science (e.g., biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics or statistics) can be used to fulfill Engineering Honors requirements, as long as it is approved as part of the student's degree plan.

Your hours must consist of the following:

  • At least 12 hours must be engineering credit (including honors ENGR courses plus honors courses from all departments or majors)
  • At most 3 hours can come from satisfactory/unsatisfactory coursework
  • No more than 6 hours of graduate courses registered for undergraduate credit
  • Between 4-6 hours of research (ENGR 491H)**
    • If using, no more than 2 hours of directed studies (ENGR 485H)**
  • 1 hour of Engineering Honors Seminar (ENGR 181H)

For ways to earn honors credit, please visit the General Requirements page.

**Students can use no more than 6 hours of research towards the total 18 hours. Research credits can consist of 485H and/or 491H

Graduation requirements:

  • Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher
    • Earn a GPA of 3.25 or higher in honors courses
  • Earn no grade lower than a B in the required honors courses
  • Receive no honor code violations

Non-Academic Requirements

  • Honors Required Meeting: Meet with the Engineering Honors-OCEN Track Coordinator during each academic year
  • Activity: Participate in at least one Engineering Honors program-approved activity (marked with an * on the calendar) each regular semester
  • Annual Report: Submit an annual Engineering Honors report in May of each year