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The Engineering Honors (EH) program was redesigned in Fall 2015 - there were three legacy programs that were available to students before the redesign.

Engineering Honors Program Legacy Requirements

Requirements prior to Fall 2015

  • 18 hours of honors credits in Engineering or Science.
  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA
  • Two 1 hour Engineering Honors seminars. These count towards the honors credits.
    • ENGR 181H (or ENGR 281H): This course introduces students to the engineering honors program and assists them in planning their undergraduate career and beyond.
    • ENGR 381H: This course exposes students to current research topics in their field, provides them with support to get the most out of first hand participation in a research project as an undergraduate, and to prepare them to be competitive applicant for fellowships and graduate studies.
  • Research experiences: at least four (4) 485H or 491H credits in engineering (these count towards the 18 honors credits)
  • Senior thesis or copy of manuscript submitted to journal or conference with Engineering Honors student as a co-author
  • Since Engineering Honors seeks to enrich the educational experience and enhance career opportunities, all students in Engineering Honors must also follow the requirements in "Maintaining active status in the Engineering Honors program" listed above and in their Departmental Track.

Options for students who started prior to Fall 2015

  • All students: Students that started in Engineering Honors prior to Fall 2015 will have the option to move to the new program requirements or continue with the previous Engineering Honors requirements.
  • Aerospace Engineering (AERO) and Computer Science & Engineering (CSCE) students: Students that started in Engineering Honors and in the Aerospace Engineering or in the Computer Science and Engineering Honors program prior to Fall 2015 will be allowed to continue in both programs, following the previous requirements, and will be eligible to receive both the Engineering Honors and the departmental honors distinction upon graduation. For additional information on these tracks legacy requirements see the links below

Students are encouraged to discuss their situation with their Engineering Honors advisor to determine what is the best option for their particular case.