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Requirements prior to Fall 2015

In order to receive the Aerospace Engineering with Honors designation, a student must complete all of the requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, of which 21 hours must be as follows: 

  • 6 hours of non-Aerospace Engineering Honors courses
  • 1 hour of AERO 101H – Principles of Aerospace Engineering
  • 2 hours of ENGR 281H – ESP Seminar I and 381H – ESP Seminar II
  • 3 hours of AERO 485H/491H – Directed Studies
  • At least 3 hours in an honors Aerospace Engineering course 200-level or above
  • At least 3 hours in an honors Aerospace Engineering course 300-level or above
  • At least 3 hours in an honors Aerospace Engineering course 400-level or above

Options for students who started in the Aerospace Engineering Honors program prior to Fall 2015

  • Students who were participating in the Aerospace Engineering (AERO) Honors program but NOT participating in Engineering Honors prior to Fall 2015: Students that started in the AERO Honors program prior to Fall 2015 will have the option to stay in the AERO Honors program or change to Engineering Honors, where they would follow the AERO track. They will not have the option of staying in the AERO program and also joining Engineering Honors. It is anticipated that most students will choose to change to Engineering Honors as the curricular requirements are generally less restrictive, with the exception being that Engineering Honors requires at least 4 hours of undergraduate research (AERO 491) whereas the current AERO program requires only 3 hours of AERO 485/491. On the other hand, the AERO program has more specific course requirements and also requires two Engineering Honors Seminars, whereas the revised Engineering Honors only requires ENGR 181. The Engineering Honors Department Coordinator in Aerospace Engineering will work with students to determine the best option for them and students who lack the 1 hour of 491 will be allowed to request an exemption from this requirement.
  • Engineering Honors students who were also participating in the AERO Honors program: Students who started in Engineering Honors and in the AERO Honors program prior to Fall 2015 will be allowed to continue in both programs, following the previous requirements, and will be eligible to receive both the Engineering Honors and the AERO Departmental Honors distinction upon graduation. Students also have the option to elect to follow the new Engineering Honors-AERO requirements and receive only the Engineering Honors distinction upon graduation.

Students are encouraged to discuss their situation with their Engineering Honors advisor to determine what is the best option for their particular case.