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Students interested in living in the optional Engineering Honors living learning community (Engineering Honors Community of Scholars - ECOS) need to complete their Engineering Honors (EH) application by the EH application deadline for incoming freshmen (February 15) and apply to live in the Engineering Village @ The Commons LLC as soon as possible to be eligible for a spot, because spaces fill fast.

Apply for Engineering Honors Today!

Eligibility for Engineering Honors


  • Admission is competitive. Review of applications is holistic, with the goal of identifying students who will benefit the most from and bring the most to the program. Approximately 10% of each class will be admitted to the program.

Incoming Freshmen

  • Incoming freshmen who have applied to Texas A&M University with a preference for engineering.
  • Incoming freshmen who are accepted to the College of Engineering at the College Station campus, including students in the Texas A&M Engineering-Blinn program.
  • Incoming freshmen who are accepted to the Bachelor of Arts in computing program offered by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Current Students

  • Engineering students must have an overall GPA of 3.5 or better.

Transfer Students

  • Transfer engineering students who enter with a 3.5 GPA or higher may register for honors courses and can apply to the program after their first semester at Texas A&M.

Admission to Engineering Honors

Students are admitted to the Engineering Honors program on a competitive basis. Applications are submitted through an online application system, found in the "Deadlines" section below. The application requires information about the applicant including the following:

For Current Status Choice:

  • Incoming freshmen who haven't yet begun classes at Texas A&M choose "Incoming Freshman."
  • Transfer students in their first semester at Texas A&M, thus without a cumulative GPA, choose "Transfer Student."
  • All other applicants with a cumulative Texas A&M GPA, choose "Current TAMU Student."

For Academic Performance, please include:

  • High school performance information (including high school transcript) required for incoming freshmen.
  • Unofficial transcript required for current students.

Application required materials:

  • One letter of reference.
  • An essay describing the benefits of participating in undergraduate research and specific research topics the student has interest in exploring.
  • An electronic signature and statement of honor.

Students who have questions about eligibility or the application process should email the Engineering Honors program.


Incoming Freshmen and Incoming Transfer Students

Fall 2024 - Submit your application using this Engineering Honors online application portal. The deadline for all incoming freshmen and incoming transfer students to complete their Engineering Honors application is February 15.

To be considered for a place in the Engineering Honors Community of Scholars (ECOS), please see below:

  • For the Engineering Honors Community of Scholars (ECOS) -  In addition to completing an application to the Engineering Honors program, students also must apply to live in the Engineering Village @ The Commons LLC to be considered for a spot in ECOS. Students who complete their Engineering Honors application after our deadline will not be eligible for a spot in our dorm.

Current Students

Submit your application to the Engineering Honors online application portal.

*Make sure you choose the correct semester when creating an application.*


  • Spring: By the second business day after the winter break (e.g., Jan. 3).
  • Fall: By the day after final grades are due for Summer Session II.  

After Admission Acceptance

Once accepted, students need to check their registration status at least two weeks before pre-registration. Please email promptly if there are any issues, so that there is enough time for the offices concerned to resolve registration issues. 

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