The Engineering Systems Management certificate is intended to help meet the requirements of industry by educating undergraduate engineering students to understand processes involved in the engineering complex systems, management practices and methods. Students completing this certificate will be able to work effective in multidisciplinary engineering teams and to advance more rapidly within organizations involved with highly engineered systems. The management of systems entails technical knowledge, engineering skills and management skills.

The certificate consisted of 4-three credit courses for a total of 12 hours. Two of the courses are technical electives, which can count toward a B.S. degree depending on the department. However to earn the certificate, two courses must be taken beyond the B.S. degree requirements. Core requirements include ISEN 411 (Engineering Management Techniques) and ISEN 489 (Systems Engineering). The additional six hours are comprised of one technical elective and one business elective. The certificate will be awarded upon completion of the B.S. degree. Completion of the certificate will be recorded on the student’s University transcript. 


  1. Students must complete and submit certificate application to the Engineering Systems Management certificate program administrator prior to registering for any of the certificate courses.
  2. Students must submit a request to be registered for the business electives.


  1. Be in good academic standing within a major department.
  2. Obtain a “C” or better in each course taken towards certificate program.
  3. Achieve an overall GPA of 3.0 in approved certificate program coursework.
  4. Meet all requirements for admission to upper division in the student’s major department.
  5. Submit completed certificate worksheet to program administrator upon registering for final course(s) to complete certificate requirements.
  6. Consult with an academic adviser prior to submitting the application for the certificate. 

Course Requirement Summary

Required Courses

Credit Course
3 ISEN 442 - Organizational Systems
3 ISEN 440 - Systems Thinking 
6 Technical Elective and Business Technical Elective

Technical Electives (select one course)

Credit Course
3 AERO 426 - Space System Design
3 CHEN 461 - Process Dynamics and Control
3 CVEN 402 - Engineered Environmental Systems
3 ECEN 420 - Linear Control Systems
3 ECEN 460 - Power System Operation and Control
3 ISEN 210 - Fundamentals of Industrial Engineering Design
3 ENGR 333 - Project Management for Engineers
3 ISEN 414 - Total Quality Engineering
3 MEEN 441 - Design of Mechanical Components and Systems
3 PETE 325 - Petroleum Production Systems

Business Technical Electives (select one course)

Credit Course
3 ISYS 209 - Business Information System Concepts
3 MGMT 209 - Business, Government, and Society
3 MGMT 309 - Survey of Management
3 ACCT 209 - Survey of Accounting Principles

Certificate Application and Completion Form

For More Information

Dr. Andy Johnson
Associate Professor and
Engineering Systems Management Certificate Coordinator 
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
4033 ETB 
College Station, TX 77843