What is the overall goal of your project?
A customized cyber-physical system (CPS) for Greenhouse will be prototyped to monitor environmental and plant responses for precision breeding as well as environmental control, such as nitrogen cycle, which will help to develop sustainable agriculture in future.

Which grand challenge are you addressing?
"Managing the Nitrogen Cycle” was recognized as one of the grand challenges, this nitrogen monitoring system in Greenhouse is an important task to help to avoid excessive environmental degradation. Plant stress response monitoring helps develop more efficient farming for sustainable agriculture.

What is the key challenge your project is trying to solve?

  1. Develop monitoring devices that capture environmental changes and plant responses;
  2. Automate the monitoring process using robots.

What is the impact on society your project has?
The research will provide potential directions for developing sustainable agriculture.

Faculty Mentors: Drs. X. Qian, J. Zou and B. Hur

Engineering majors targeted: ECEN, CSCE, ETID, BAEN