The AggiE_Challenge projects for the academic year 2018-2019 are listed below.

* Denotes a new project.

Courses | Projects Faculty
ENGR 485-501 | CLEVERarm: An Upperlimb Rehabilitation Exoskeleton with Neural Human-Robot Interface, Enabling Immersive Training in Haptic Environments Dr. R. Langari
ENGR 485-502 | A Smart “Peer-Support” Wearable Technology for Veterans Diagnosed with PTSD Dr. F. Sasangohar
ENGR 485-503 | SpaceCRAFT Dr. G. Chamitoff
ENGR 485-504 | Texas A&M Sounding Rocketry Team Dr. A. Karpetis
ENGR 485-505 | Towards Multiscale modeling of Chemo-Mechanical CO2-fluid-rock interactions

Dr. S. Abedi,
Dr. A. Noshadravan

ENGR 485-506 / ENGR 491-505 | Membrane for Efficient Solar-driven Clean Water Evaporation Dr. Z. Cheng
ENGR 485-507 / ENGR 491-506 | Additive Biomanufacturing: Emerging Approach for Designing Anatomical-Size Human Organs Dr. A. Gararwar
ENGR 485-508 / ENGR 491-507 | Advancing Health and Education through Intelligent, Intuitive, and immersive Algorithms, User Interfaces, and Wearables Dr. T. Hammond
ENGR 485-509 / ENGR 491-504 | Biomimetic Engineering of Venous Thrombosis Dr. A. Jain
ENGR 485-510 / ENGR 491-509 | Disaster Informatics Solutions: Integrating Human and Machine Intelligence for Resilient Infrastructure and Smart Emergency Relief

Dr. A. Mostafavi,
Dr. X. Hu

ENGR 485-511* | Plant Stress Response and Nitrogen Monitoring System in Greenhouse

Dr. Jun Zou Xiaoning Qian,
Dr. H. Byul

ENGR 485-512* | A Low-Cost Motion Capture System using Smartphones to Resolve Healthcare Issues in Low-Income Countries Dr. P. Hur
ENGR 485-513* | Understanding Performance and Enhancing Resilience of Coastal Communities Impacted by Hurricanes Dr. M. Koliou
ENGR 485-514* | Engineering novel membranes for energy-efficient water desalination Dr. S. Wang
ENGR 485-515 | Power-aware High-Performance Computing Technologies In Addressing Real World Engineering Applications Dr. J. Tao
ENGR 491-502 | PATHS-UP: Precise Advanced Technologies and Health Systems for Underserved Populations

Dr. G. Cote,
Dr. R. Jafari

ENGR 491-208 (H) / ENGR 491-508 | Water Desalination Dr. M. Holtzapple
Dr. P. Tsvetkov
ENGR 491-220 (H) / ENGR 491-520 | NASA University Leadership Initiative Dr. D. C. Lagoudas
Dr. D. Hartl
ENGR 491-522 | Bio-Impedance Evaluation of Chronic Venous Insufficiency Dermatopathy Dr. Satish Bukkapatnam