The AggiE_Challenge projects for the academic year 2017-2018 are listed below.

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ENGR 491 Sections | Project Faculty
ENGR 491-501 | Scalable Manufacturing of Tissue-Mimetic Hydrogels for Biological Research and Discovery Dr. D. Alge                                           
ENGR 491-502 | FlexiForm: Incrementally Formed Shape Memory Polymer Molds for the Construction of Complex Shapes Dr. A. Srinivasa
Dr. A. H. Muliana
Dr. N. K. Mehrjardi
Dr. D. Sagapuram
ENGR 491-503 | Chemo-mechanical characterization, simulation, and 3D modeling of CO2-fluid rock interactions Dr. S. Abedi
Dr. A. Noshadravan
ENGR 491-504 | Biomimetic Engineering of Venous Thrombosis Dr. A. Jain
ENGR 491-505 | Smart Reversible Oil-Water Separator Dr. Z. Cheng
ENGR 491-506 | Tools for Discovery & Engineering Better Medicines: Bioprinted Cancer Models Dr. A. K. Gaharwar
ENGR 491-507 | Advancing Health and Education through Intelligent, Intuitive, and immersive Algorithms, User Interfaces, and Wearables Dr. T. Hammond
ENGR 491-508 | Vapor-Compression Desalination Dr. M. Holtzapple
Dr. M. El-Halwagi
Dr. P. Tsvetkov
ENGR 491-509 | Big Data Analytics Solutions for Smart and Resilient Urban Infrastructure Systems Dr. A. Mostafavi
Dr. X. "Ben" Hu
ENGR 491-510 | A Smart Support System for Veterans with PTSD Dr. F. Sasangohar
ENGR 491-511 | Rapid Production of Engineered Tubular Tissues by Rotary Jet Spinning Dr. R. Kaunas
Dr. W. Hung
ENGR 491-512 | Virtual-reality enhanced exoskeleton for rehabilitation controlled via reverse engineering the central nervous system Dr. R. Langari
ENGR 491-513 | Developing a Setup to Mass Produce Nanofibers with Applications in Water Purification Dr. M. Naraghi
Dr. M. Green
ENGR 491-514 | Unraveling the Physics of Host-Invasion with 3D Printed Bacteria Dr. P. Lele
ENGR 491-515 | Augmented Reality-Coupled Haptic System for Orthopedic Surgery Training Dr. B. Tai
Dr. M. Kuttolamadom
Dr. F. Vinayak
ENGR 491-516 | SpaceCRAFT, a Virtual Reality Sandbox Environment Dr. Chamitoff
ENGR 491-520 | NASA University Leadership Initiative
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Dr. D. C. Lagoudas
Dr. D. Hartl
Dr. F. Carpenter
ENGR 491-521 | Corrosion Detection Systme Dr. H. Castaneda
ENGR 491-522 | Point of Care (POC) Health Informatics for Proactive Epilepsy Seizure Alert Presentation Dr. Bukkapatnam
ENGR 491-523 | Power-Aware High Performance Computing Technologies in Addressing Real World Engineering Applications Dr. Jian Tao