Did you know that 25 by 25 will add fewer students to campus each year than in the past?

It’s true. Prior to 25 by 25, the Texas A&M University College of Engineering was growing by approximately 1,000 undergraduate students per year on the College Station campus. The planned growth for the next seven years leading up to 2025 is less than 115 additional students each year, a total of only 800 additional students.

The growth of the College of Engineering to 25,000 students will be achieved through several programs and includes students at multiple campus locations.

  • Retention – The enrollment in the College of Engineering on the College Station campus will largely grow by increasing retention of engineering students rather than bringing additional students to campus. Currently, the college is implementing new programs to increase its retention rate to 75 percent by 2025. Currently one out of four students on campus is an engineering student. Through retention, we will increase this percentage rather than significantly increasing the number of students on campus.
  • Off-campus locations – The College of Engineering is also providing access to an engineering degree from Texas A&M on its Galveston, McAllen and Qatar campuses, as well as through the statewide Engineering Academies.
  • Online master's programs – The College of Engineering will be significantly expanding online master's programs.
  • Modest on-campus undergraduate and graduate student growth – We project adding approximately 115 more students to the College Station campus each year for the next eight years, resulting in a total growth of 800 additional students by 2025.

College of Engineering - Fall 2017

College Of Engineering Fall 2017 Breakdown

College of Engineering - Fall 2025

College Of Engineering Fall 2025 Breakdown

2025 Student Growth

Percent Enrolled
50% Retention
11% Online Master's
25% Remote Sites
9% New Undergraduate Students on College Station Campus
5% New Graduate Students on College Station Campus

Did you know that 25 by 25 is making classes smaller?

Since the 25 by 25 initiative began, the College of Engineering has reduced class sizes. In fact, there are currently no engineering classes with more than 100 students. More than half of our engineering undergraduate classes are 50 students or less and 94 percent of our engineering graduate student classes are less than 50 students. Smaller class sizes will continue to be a goal of 25 by 25.

  • 100% of engineering classes less than 100 students
  • 94% graduate classes less than 50 students
  • Over half of undergraduate level engineering classes less than 50 students