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Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center is a one-stop shop for academic support. Find academic coaching, workshops and courses to help you achieve academic success.

On-Campus Tutoring Services

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Supplemental Instruction

SI is a peer-led academic assistance program designed to improve student academic performance and increase retention. SI offers three free 50 minute, regularly scheduled sessions per week for lower level undergraduate courses. These sessions are facilitated by SI leaders, undergraduate students who have previously taken and mastered the course. SI leaders integrate active and collaborative learning methods in their sessions to help students learn outside of the traditional classroom setting.

University Writing Center

The University Writing Center supports writing and public speaking for students across the university, with particular emphasis on supporting W and C courses. Find help on how to avoid plagiarism, manage group writing projects, create research posters, specific help for scientific writing, and more!

Find information about applying for financial assistance, costs, types of aid, and scholarships.

Student Counseling Services offers a variety of services to help students achieve as much success as possible while at Texas A&M. Contact SCS for career counseling, crisis intervention, personal counseling, self-help, stress management techniques, and much more!