Engineering the Engineer in You

The Texas A&M University College of Engineering undergraduate class of 2021 will be blazing the trail as the first, and currently only, class in the Texas A&M University system, or any university nationwide, to be required to obtain a high impact learning experience credit through what we are calling ENGR[x]*

What is ENGR[x]?
ENGR[x] is a new zero-credit-hour required program, populated with approved engineering-centric activities that meet the criteria of high impact learning experiences.

At Texas A&M University we are committed to making our Aggie engineers the most sought-after candidates in the workforce. This requires going beyond the core curriculum in engineering to provide you with skills and experiences which will enhance your engineering degree and thus make you more attractive to employers. Colleges and universities nationwide together with employers and entrepreneurs have studied and recognized a great need to broaden a students’ college experience to better prepare them for their professional lives - ENGR[x] is our solution.

Sounds good, how do I get it?
Beginning with the class of 2021, you will have the entire four years of your undergraduate studies to complete the ENGR[x] requirement**. Each engineering department will provide a list of their approved high impact engineering-centric activities from which you can chose.  Some of these activities include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Study abroad
    • Internship
    • Co-op Experience
    • Aggies Invent
    • AggiE_Challenge
    • Engineers Without Borders
    • Leadership in student organizations
    • Undergraduate research
    • Design competitions
    • And many more!

What do I do after I complete my activity?
Once you complete your chosen activity, you will be required to submit a meaningful self-reflection piece discussing the impact of the activity on your overall education. This can vary in format, such as a written traditional essay, video or online blog, a series of journal entries, a short presentation i.e. Ted Talks (which we will call Tech_Talks), etc.  Each department will provide you with a list of accepted and approved forms for the piece. This self-reflection piece will then be evaluated by the faculty member or supervisor overseeing the activity in that department and they will determine if you have satisfied your ENGR[x] credit.

What if I am a freshman and am not part of a department yet?
If you wish to complete your ENGR[x] requirement during your freshman year, while not associated with a specific engineering department, you can chose from a list of high impact activities common to all the engineering disciplines. You could also select to choose from a department-specific list, knowing, however, that you may not get into that major.

Why is this important?
It is no longer enough for an engineer to receive a core education in their field of choice.  Employers all around the world demand that engineers have a comprehensive understanding of needs, whether technical or cultural and to be able to bring leadership and communication skills to all projects. Many colleges and universities, as well as corporations and organizations, recognize this gap between education and skills. At Texas A&M University, we don’t only recognize this gap, we are doing something about it by requiring our undergraduate students to participate in a high-impact education experience.

What does this mean to me?
When employers see that you graduated from the Texas A&M University College of Engineering, they will know that you not only possess a solid engineering education, but that you also have an x-Factor. Employers will know that you are an intelligent, action oriented, well balanced individual, with the leadership and communications skills they need to enhance their organization. They will know this because ENGR[x] will be a part of your transcript and this will mean that you are above the grade.

Who can I contact to learn more about ENGR[x]?
Shayla Rivera '83
ENGR[x] Director | Professor of Practice

*Biomedical engineering sophomores (class of 2020) are also required to obtain their ENGR[x] credit.
**Biomedical engineering sophomores will have the remaining three years of their undergraduate career to complete ENGR[x]