EH Research Opportunities & Events

EH Research Showcase & Opportunities Fair 

Our inaugural EH Research Showcase & Opportunities Fair was on Monday, October 9 in Commons 109.

This showcase is a great opportunity for EH students to show off the research they've been working hard on all year (and compete for the best poster!) and for faculty members to recruit students for their labs. Make sure you make it to next year's showcase!

Research Opportunities
Dept Faculty Member Research Opportunity Title Majors Levels Application Instructions
AERO Kentaro Hara Modeling and simulations of plasma dynamics of in-space propulsion devices AERO, CHEN, ECEN, MEEN, NUEN, OCEN, PETE FR, SO, JR, SR Send Dr. Hara (the lab director) an email ( with your resume and GPA, stating your research interests.  
CSCE Nancy Amato Sampling-Based Motion Planning and its Applications in Robotics, Manufacturing and Bioinformatics CSCE FR, SO, JR, SR Send email with resume (including the courses you've taken at A&M) and a statement of your interests to
CSCE Tim Davis GraphBLAS:  graph algorithms via sparse matrix operations on semirings ENGR, AERO, BAEN, BMEN, CHEN, CVEN, CSCE, ECEN, ESET, ENTC, IDIS, ISEN, ITDE, MSEN, MEEN, NUEN, OCEN, PETE, RHEL JR, SR Open to students in any major, as long as the have the necessary background (C, graph algorithms, linear algebra, data structures & algorithms, well-disciplined software development); email Dr. Davis at
CSCE Richard Furuta Shipwrecks and computers: interdisciplinary research in Computer Science and Nautical Archaeology ENGR, CSCE FR, SO, JR, SR Contact Dr. Furuta,
CSCE Jeff Huang Building A More Secure Google Chrome Web Browser AERO, CSCE, ECEN, ESET, ENTC FR, SO, JR, SR Drop an email to Prof Huang ( with the title "aser: EH undergrad opportunities"
CSCE Ruihong Huang event detection from microblogs; emotion classification of microblogs CSCE, CEEL, ITDE JR, SR Please email at
CSCE Anxiao Jiang Coding Theory, Parallel Computing and Machine Learning for Data Storage Systems ENGR, CSCE, ECEN, ESET FR, SO, JR, SR Students with strong programming skills and a strong background or interest in mathematics are preferred. For details on our research, please see our website To apply, please email Prof. Anxiao (Andrew) Jiang at
CSCE Andruid Kerne HCI Research: Supporting Creativity in Texas Border Communities in Need (Spanish Speaker Preferred) CSCE, CEEL, ITDE FR, SO, JR, SR Interested candidates should email their resumes and information to You can read more about the research of Interface Ecology Lab online at
CSCE Jyh-Charn (Steve) Liu (a) Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), (b) Knowledge mining for STEM publications  CSCE, CEEL, ITDE SO, JR, SR Please send Dr. Liu an email ( about your technical background, and the topic that you are interested in.
CSCE Dmitri Loguinov Systems, networking, graph algorithms, data mining CSCE SO, JR, SR Please contact Dmitri Loguinov (
CSCE Lawrence Rauchwerger STAPL: Standard Template Adaptive Parallel Library CSCE FR, SO, JR, SR Send email with resume (including the courses you've taken at A&M) and a statement of your interests to and
CVEN Shankar Chellam Water purification & air pollution CHEN, CVEN SO  Email Dr. Chellam ( with a brief statement on your interest. This will be followed up with an interview.
CVEN Ivan Damnjanovic Autonomous vehicle and advanced driving assistance technology: image processing CVEN, CSCE, CEEL, ECEN, ESET, MEEN JR, SR Send resume, unofficial transcript of courses taken at TAMU to Dr. Damnjanovic (
CVEN Gretchen Miller Groundwater Sustainability - Assessing Conservation Technologies and their Impacts on Ecosystems  BAEN, CVEN, CSPL, PETE SO, JR, SR Visit for more information about the research group. Email Dr. Miller at to apply. Students wanting to participate in the USRG program next summer are particularly encouraged. 
CVEN Ali Mostafavi Urban Resilience to Extreme Events CVEN, CSCE, CEEL, ITDE SO, JR, SR Please send a statement of interest + resume to:
CVEN Arash Noshadravan Chemo-mechanical characterization, simulation, and 3D modeling of CO2-fluid rock interactions CHEN, CVEN, CECL, ECEN, ITDE, MSEN, MEEN, NUEN, PETE SO, JR, SR Interested students can send their resume to Dr. Noshadravan via email: 
CVEN Alireza Talebpour Autonomous Vehicles CSCE, ECEN, ESET JR, SR Please send your resume to
CVEN Alireza Talebpour Hololens based Simulator for Autonomous Vehicles CSCE, CEEL, ITDE SO, JR, SR Please send you resume/CV to
MEEN/AERO Waruna Kulatilaka Undergraduate research in laser diagnostics for combustion, propulsion and sensing applications AERO, MEEN SO, JR, SR Please email your resume and a description of interests to:
MEEN Ying Li Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Fuels by Sunlight and Nanomaterials CHEN, CVEN, ITDE, MSEN, MEEN, PETE SO, JR, SR Send email to Dr. Ying Li ( describiing research interest and attach resume. Research scholarship may be available. 
PETE Sara Abedi Chemo-mechanical characterization, simulation, and 3D modeling of CO2-fluid-rock interactions CHEN, CVEN, ECEN, MSEN, MEEN, PETE SO, JR, SR Please contact Dr. Sara Abedi : and Dr. Arash Noshadravan: