Engineering Honors: Mechanical Engineering Track

This page describes the Mechanical Engineering Track of Engineering Honors (EH-MEEN), which applies to EH scholars majoring in mechanical engineering (MEEN track).

Requirements - Honors Courses - Honors Faculty - Legacy Requirements

For questions about the MEEN Track, please contact the EH Track Coordinator for Mechanical Engineering.

Harry Hogan

Harry Hogan

Professor, EH Track Coordinator

Office: MEOB 218
Phone: 979.845.1538


The Engineering Honors (EH) program for students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering majoring in Mechanical Engineering (MEEN Track) has the following requirements.

*Note* - The requirements for the MEEN Track are the same as the "base" requirements of the EH program.

Academic Requirements

Honors Credit Hours

      • Completion of at least 18 Honors credits (undergraduate honors courses with HNR prefix or graduate courses) in courses from any ENGR or Science department (at least 12 engineering credits)
           - At most 3 honors credits can come from S/U coursework
           - No more than 6 credits of graduate courses registered for graduate credit (no limit on the number of graduate courses applied to the undergraduate degree)
           - 4-6 hours of 491H
           - max 2 hours of 485H (no more than 6 credits of 485H and 491H combined)
      • ENGR 181H


      • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 (GPA of at least 3.25 in honors courses)
      • No grade lower than a B in the required honors courses
      • No honor code violation

Non-Academic Requirements

EH-Advising: Meet with the EH-MEEN Track Coordinator (or appointed representatives) during each academic year
EH-Activity: Participate in at least one EH program approved activity (marked with an * on the calendar) each regular semester
EH-Annual Report: Submit an annual EH report in May of each year


Before attending your yearly advising meeting with either Dr. Hogan, Dr. Hipwell, or Dr. Daripalli, complete the form linked below and bring a paper copy to the meeting with the faculty member.

MEEN Advising Form

Sample Schedules for EH Students in the MEEN Track

Sample program that fulfills the EH requirements for MEEN majors is:

  Sample MEEN Honors Course Plan
ENGR 111H - Foundations of Engineering I - 2 credits
  ENGR 112H - Foundations of Engineering II - 2 credits
  ENGR 181H – Engineering Honors Seminar - 1 credit
MEEN 225H - Engineering Mechanics - 3 credits
  MEEN 315H - Principles of Thermodynamics - 3 credits
*MEEN 360H - Materials and Manufacturing Selection in Design - 3 credits
  ENGR 482H - Ethics and Engineering - 3 credits
  MEEN 344H - Fluid Mechanics - 3 credits
MEEN 410H - Internal Combustion Engines - 3 credits
  MEEN 491H - Research - 3 credits - as part of the University Undergraduate Research Scholars (per sem)
  *MEEN 461H - Heat Transfer - 3 credits
Note: The above represents a common scenario for students recently in Mechanical Engineering
*These two courses are not explicit, stand-alone honors courses. Instead, they are "stacked honors courses," which means the students are in a standard section (non-honors) but are able to earn honors credit through special agreements with instructors. These two courses are representative of MEEN stacked-section honors courses that have been taught recently. A more complete list is provided below. Note that some of these are sophomore level courses, so there is considerable flexibility. Please also note that there is no guarantee that these same courses will be offered in the future when desired by individual students. However, we do expect these courses, plus a growing number of additional ones, to be taught one a regular basis with stacked-section honors options.

MEEN Honors Courses

The following lists MEEN Honors courses that have been offered in the last four years, excluding research (291,491) and independent study (285,485) courses.

  • 2016-2017 Academic Year







    Fall 2016
    MEEN 210 2 HNR-GEOMETRIC MODELING (Syllabus)  Peter Hamilton (P) Fall 16
    MEEN 225 3 HNR-ENGINEERING MECHANICS (Syllabus)  Arun Srinivasa (P), Jayavel Arumugam Fall 16
    MEEN 357 3 HNR-ENGR ANALYSIS FOR MECH (Syllabus)  Alan D. Freed (P) Fall 16
    MEEN 360 3 HNR-MTLS & MFG SELECT IN DSN (Syllabus)  Li-Jung Tai (P) Fall 16
    MEEN 408 3 HNR-INTRO TO ROBOTICS  Pilwon Hur (P) Fall 16
    Spring 2017
    MEEN 210 2 HNR-GEOMETRIC MODELING   Shahla Chowdhury (P) Spring 2017
    MEEN 210 2 HNR-GEOMETRIC MODELING   . Vinayak (P) Spring 2017
    MEEN 315 3 HNR-PRIN OF THERMODYNAMICS   Phapanin Charoenphol (P) Spring 2017
    MEEN 315 3 HNR-PRIN OF THERMODYNAMICS   Ying Li (P) Spring 2017
    MEEN 315 3 HNR-PRIN OF THERMODYNAMICS   Waruna D. Kulatilaka (P) Spring 2017
    MEEN 315 3 HNR-PRIN OF THERMODYNAMICS   Choongho Yu (P) Spring 2017
    MEEN 315 3 HNR-PRIN OF THERMODYNAMICS   Phapanin Charoenphol (P) Spring 2017
    MEEN 357 3 HNR-ENGR ANALYSIS FOR MECH   Rajib Mukherjee (P) Spring 2017
    MEEN 368 3 HNR-SOLID MECH IN MEC DESIGN   Alagappan Ponnalagu (P) Spring 2017
    MEEN 368 3 HNR-SOLID MECH IN MEC DESIGN   Harry Hogan (P) Spring 2017
    MEEN 368 3 HNR-SOLID MECH IN MEC DESIGN   Sevan Goenezen (P) Spring 2017
    MEEN 461 3 HNR-HEAT TRANSFER   Jonathan R. Felts (P) Spring 2017
    MEEN 461 3 HNR-HEAT TRANSFER   Debjyoti Banerjee (P) Spring 2017
    MEEN 461 3 HNR:HEAT TRANSFER   Sy-Bor Wen (P) Spring 2017
    MEEN 475 3 HNR-MATERIALS IN DESIGN   Hong Liang (P) Spring 2017


MEEN Honors Faculty

The following MEEN faculty have taught Honors courses or supervised Honors research experiences during the last four years. Students are welcome to approach other faculty as well.

Felts, Jonathan

Jonathan Felts

Assistant Professor

Courses taught: HNR-MEEN 461

Tim Jacobs

Tim Jacobs

Undergraduate Program Director
Associate Professor
Steve Brauer, Jr. ’02 Faculty Fellow

Courses taught: HNR-RESEARCH 491

Bryan Rasmussen

Bryan Rasmussen

Associate Professor

Courses taught: HNR-RESEARCH 491


Choongho Yu

Choongho Yu

Associate Professor
Gulf/Oil Thomas A. Dietz Career Development Professor II

Courses taught: HNR-RESEARCH 491