Engineering Honors: General Engineering Track

This page describes the General Engineering track of Engineering Honors (EH-ENGR), which applies to EH scholars while they are considered general engineers, before they move into their departments after completing the ETAM process.


For questions about the ENGR Track, please contact the EH program at

*Note - these are the base requirements for Engineering Honors; after you are admitted to your major via the ETAM process, check the requirements for your new track.

Image of Nancy Amato

Nancy M. Amato

Regents Professor, Unocal Professor, 
EH Senior Program Director

Office: 425H HRBB
Phone: 979.862.2275


The Engineering Honors (EH) program for general engineering students in the College of Engineering has the following requirements.

Academic Requirements

Honors Credit Hours

      • Completion of at least 18 Honors credits (undergraduate honors courses with HNR prefix or graduate courses) in courses from any ENGR or Science department (at least 12 engineering credits)
           - At most 3 honors credits can come from S/U coursework
           - No more than 6 credits of graduate courses registered for graduate credit (no limit on the number of graduate courses applied to the undergraduate degree)
           - 4-6 hours of 491H 
           - max 2 hours of 485H; no more than 6 credits of 485H and 491H combined)
      • ENGR 181H

      • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 (GPA of at least 3.25 in honors courses)
      • No grade lower than a B in the required honors courses
      • No honor code violation

Non-Academic Requirements

EH-Advising: Meet with the EH-Program Director/EH-Track Coordinator in their preferred future department during each academic year
EH-Activity: Participate in at least one EH program approved activity (marked with an * on the calendar) during each regular semester
EH-Annual Report: Submit an annual EH report in May of each year