EH Update - July 2017

EH Update - July 2017
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Important Dates
Don't miss these upcoming events and opportunities!
First Row: Minxiang
Global Grand Challenge Summit
This month, the Texas A&M Engineering attendees at the Grand Challenges Summit got to show off their hard work and get inspiration from their fellow scholars. This biennial summit is a collaborative event put on by the U.S. National Academy of Engineering (NAE), the UK Royal Academy of Engineering, and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Texas A&M took home two of six awards selected from a total of 150 submissions from around the world.


Image of Sarah Gibson
Sarah Gibson ('17, BMEN), a recent EH graduate, was named the 2016-2017 CoSIDA Division I Academic All-American of the Year! Read more about her amazing accomplishments here.

EH Executive Committee Corner

Let's give a warm welcome to our 2017-2018 EH Executive Committee!




Committee Members 


Committee Members 


Chair: Kevin Kmetz ('19, BMEN) 


D.J. Franklin ('18, MEEN) 


Julian Pham ('20, CHEN) 


Vice-Chair of Internal Affairs: Whitney Souery ('20, BMEN) 


Rejath George ('19, ELEN) 


Ankit Ramchandi ('20, CPSC) 


Vice-Chair of Externa Affairs: Zach Hardy ('18, NUEN) 


Daniel Guintos ('20, CHEN) 


Michelle Rhodes ('19, CVEN) 


Secretary: Allison Hartmann ('20, CHEN) 


Nathaniel Leake ('19, CPSC) 


Kim Robinson ('19, MEEN) 


Communications Officer: Greg Dorgant ('20, MEEN) 


Jusung Lee ('19, CPSC) 


Olawale Salandam ('19, MEEN) 


Committee Members 


Yumei Li ('18, CPSC) 


Sneha Santani ('19, CPSC) 


Sarah Abrash ('19, CHEN) 


Hector Linares-Garcia ('19, BMEN) 


Lois Wampler ('20, BMEN) 


John Andrus ('19, NUEN) 


Vishal Modi ('19, MEEN) 


Victoria Wei ('19, CPSC) 


Jonathan Carpency ('18, CHEN) 


Ethan Morse ('20, ELEN) 


Zachary Disasip Willy Sikui ('19, PETE) 


Leslie Escalantes ('19, CPSC) 

Opportunities Across Campus
Want to help build and deploy Texas Aggie Medical Clinics across the world while unifying Texas A&M's student body at the same time? Consider volunteering with BUILD.
Group Picture of GCSP scholars
First Row: Millie Krel (ECEN), Melissa Burket (MEEN), Hector Linares Garcia (BMEN), Nancy Amato (Director of EH & GCSP, Regents Professor and Unocal Professor, CSE, TAMU), Ricci Seguban (CHEN), Alyssa Ornelas (CVEN), Stephanie Wilcox (ELEN), Kanika Gakhar (AERO); Second Row: Brian Welsh (CVEN), Yuming Zhao (MEEN), Eghosasere Alao (AERO), Josiah Coad (CPEN), Jusung Lee (CPSC), Andrew Allen (ECEN), Samantha Wilson (CVEN)
The Texas A&M Grand Challenge Scholars program trains leaders who are equipped to solve the Grand Challenges for Engineering facing our society, identified by an international group of leading technological thinkers (with input from people around the world). Participants perform research related to a Grand Challenge problem while also gaining interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial, global and service learning expertise and experiences. Students typically begin this three-year program in the fall of their sophomore year.
Apply: Applications are currently open for the 2017-2018 cohort, and close on Sept. 15. Apply here
Promotional Video for the Zachry Leadership Program

Are you a leader who feels called to service rather than stature? Do you want to learn how to make an impact? Watch the video above to learn more.
Applications are currently open and close on Aug. 31. Apply Here

EH Housekeeping Items

EH Summer Make Up Activities

If necessary, you can make up EH activity credits with these make up activities:
1) VIDEOS! Record a 2-3 minute video of yourself discussing the following topics, or footage of the listed activities. You can record up to two videos (one activity credit/video); find the video prompts below:
-Testimonial about EH (How has the EH program enriched your collegiate experience? etc.)
-Advice for an incoming freshmen (Best college advice you've received? Best study tip? etc.)
-Research you've been a part of
-Service activity you've participated in
2) DC SUMMARY! Learn more about your Department Coordinator by doing some light research. This one page summary can include information on their background as well as research interests and projects. Find more details in eCampus within the assignment.
Submit these activities via eCampus using the instructions below:
  • Log into eCampus
  • Find the “My Organizations” tab
  • Select the “Engineering Honors Community (2016-2017)” folder
  • Click the “Content” folder on the left side bar
  • Find the assignment entitled “Make Up activity – Video”, “Make Up activity – Video (additional)” or “Make Up activity – DC Summary”
  • Upload your video or summary
  • List which video topic you chose in the comment section if applicable
  • Hit submit
EH Reminders
  • Are we friends on Facebook? Join our honors only FB community to stay updated on scholarships, jobs, internships, events, and to be eligible for raffle prizes.
  • Make sure you are maintaining active status in Engineering Honors. If you need a refresher on the requirements, look them up here.
  • Keep checking your student email so you don't miss the annual report and other EH news.
  • Miss a monthly update? Check out past monthly updates here.
Be on the Lookout for the Annual Report!
We will send out an email with the link to the annual report at the end of summer - be sure to keep checking your Texas A&M email and fill out that report as it is an EH requirement.
Save the Dates!

Monday, Aug. 28 - First day of Class!

EH Welcome Social - 7:00-9:00 pm in the MSC Bethancourt Ballroom

Tuesday, Sept. 5

EH Career Fair Prep - 9:30am-3:00pm in MSC 2406 A&B

Thursday, Oct. 17

EH Town Hall - 6:30-8:15pm in the ILSB lobby/auditorium

Thursday, Nov. 2

EH Course Scheduling Social - 5:45-7:45 in the MSC Bethancourt Ballroom

Thursday, Dec. 7

EH Finals Study Spectacular - locations to be determined

Keep enjoying your summer!
Yoda Meme
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