ECOS Leadership Team

ECOS Fellows

Our Fellows provide support to our ECOS residents through planning and executing fun programming that runs the gamut from professional development activities to community building events. Read more about the specific role of ECOS Fellows here.

Ryan Alderink 1_opt

Ryan Alderink

  • Major: Computer Science with minors in Cybersecurity & Mathematics
  • Hometown: Keller, Texas
  • Favorite Aggie Tradition: The Aggie Ring
  • Involvement Outside the Classroom: CEL (Christian Engineering Leaders), working out at the rec, intramural sports, reading
  • My Advice to Freshmen: Don't get behind! The most important way you can prepare is to know and stick to your priorities! Know how everything ranks against everything else in your life in its importance because you will have to choose one thing over another on a daily basis.
  • Fun Fact: I tried and failed at starting a business after high school. I am starting another company, while in school, that is based on a product created in Aggies Invent, a product on which I am a partial owner of a provisional patent!

Tate Banks 1_opt

Tate Banks

  • Major: Chemical Engineering
  • Hometown: Duncan, Oklahoma
  • Favorite Aggie Tradition: Wildcats
  • Involvement Outside the Classroom: Residential Housing Association & Student Senate
  • My Advice to Freshmen: Make friends, study as much as you need to and be redass!
  • Fun Fact: I'm a huge nerd -- Star Trek, Star Wars, Tolkien, Marvel, DC, whatever you've got!

Zac Cooper 1_opt

Zachary Cooper

  • Major: Civil Engineering with a minor in Mathematics
  • Hometown: Round Lake Heights, Illinois
  • Favorite Aggie Tradition: The Aggie Band
  • Involvement Outside the Classroom: I am involved in church activities including Early Morning Prayer and LifeGroup, Engineers Serving the Community, and the Texas A&M Table Tennis Club.
  • My Advice to Freshmen: My biggest piece of advice for the first few weeks of school is to get involved in something you are interested in right away. Not only will you start new friendships at the university, but it will also look good to be in a club for all four years.
  • Fun Fact: One fun fact about myself is that I love the sport of cycling however do not own a bike.

Kevin Duan 1_opt

Kevin Duan

  • Major: Electrical Engineering with a minor in Business
  • Hometown: Madison, Alabama
  • Favorite Aggie Tradition: Silver Taps
  • Involvement Outside the Classroom: Freshman Leadership International, HOME (Helping Others Meet Ends), Chess, League of Legends, CS:GO, Soccer, Basketball, Ping Pong
  • My Advice to Freshmen: Don't stress out too much about how freshman year will go. Make sure to focus on school but also take the time to get to know those around you and form new networks, especially if you are out of state like me.
  • Fun Fact: I played on a competitive League of Legends team.

Nathan Leake 1_opt

Nathaniel Leake

  • Major: Computer Science with a minor in Geology
  • Hometown: Austin, Texas
  • Favorite Aggie Tradition: Getting pictures with Reveille!
  • Involvement Outside the Classroom: Microkernel design (Computer Science research), Project 'Smartbike' with InventNOW, the TAMU Cybersecurity club, and exploring campus!
  • My Advice to Freshmen: Make new friends when you get to campus; a good way to do this is attend all the social events in the college of engineering during Howdy week.
  • Fun Fact: I am a mad scientist and thus one of my abilities is to create, repair, or repurpose basically anything you bring to me.

Jack Powley 1_opt

Jack Powley

  • Major: Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Control of Mechanical Systems
  • Hometown: Frisco, Texas
  • Favorite Aggie Tradition: Howdy Week
  • Involvement Outside the Classroom: I'm a member of Engineers Without Borders, and I'm learning to play piano and bass guitar. In the next semester I'm trying to start working with the Acoustics and Signal Processing Laboratory to do research in the field of Acoustics.
  • My Advice to Freshmen: Howdy! The first few weeks are probably some of the most important all semester. If you want to get involved with different groups on campus, now is probably the best time. Go to everything that looks interesting and meet as many people as you can, as you'll definitely have time to relax later. Whatever you like doing, there are tons of people who are into the exact same thing, so it pays off later to look around early. Hope you have fun here at A&M!
  • Fun Fact: I'm a big fan of jazz music.

Paul Rutherford 1_opt

Paul Rutherford

  • Major: Computer Science and Engineering
  • Hometown: Dallas, Texas
  • Favorite Aggie Tradition: Aggie Muster
  • Involvement Outside the Classroom: I'm a member of the Student Engineers' Council, where I'm currently serving as the Company Showcase Coordinator for the Fall 2017 Career Fair.
  • My Advice to Freshmen: Bring a power strip and an Ethernet cable, preferably both with cords at least 10 ft long: it makes setting up your electronics so much easier.
  • Fun Fact: I received a negative score (-2 out of 10) on a lab assignment freshman year.

Danielle Scott 1_opt

Danielle Scott

  • Major: Chemical Engineering
  • Hometown: College Station, Texas
  • Favorite Aggie Tradition: Wildcats
  • Involvement Outside the Classroom: I currently do research in a biomaterials lab and last year, and am an active member of ENACTUS, a competitive social entrepreneurship organization, and AED, a pre-med society. I love to cook and play piano (no, not well enough to play in the Flag Room).
  • My Advice to Freshmen: Howdy! Welcome to Texas A&M! I'm really pumped to be your ECOS Fellow this year, and I hope that you're equally pumped to be here! Here's some stuff I figured out my freshman year that I will now pass on to you: If you're interested in research, don't wait to join a lab. And think positive! Everything is only as bad a you believe it to be. If you go into freshman year thinking that engineering is the hardest thing ever, you're going to have a much harder life than if you just shrug and say it's not that hard.
  • Fun Fact: I love Winnie-the-Pooh.

Kevin Sittser 1_opt (1)_opt

Kevin Sittser

  • Major: Computer Science & Engineering
  • Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
  • Favorite Aggie Tradition: Yell Practice
  • Involvement Outside the Classroom: Aggie Coding Club, Texas A&M Computing Society
  • My Advice to Freshmen: Howdy! My advice to you is to get involved in activities as soon as you can. There are so many opportunities at this huge school, and you are certain to find one you will love.
  • Fun Fact: I like puzzles, language, and computers

Ethan Vargas 1_opt

Ethan Vargas

  • Major: Electrical Engineering
  • Hometown: Katy, Texas
  • Favorite Aggie Tradition: Fish Camp
  • Involvement Outside the Classroom: I am a part of the Philippine Student Association, Discover, Explore and Enjoy Physics and Engineering (DEEP) program, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). I am also a part of the TAMU Chamber Orchestra and PhilSA Modern Dance Team.
  • My Advice to Freshmen: Howdy new aggies! Don't worry too much about starting college, because at A&M, it is easy to find friends and become a part of groups and organizations. Whether you're a shy introvert like me or a social talkative outgoing person, you'll find your own friends and people you hang out with probably without even trying.
  • Fun Fact: My hobbies are playing the violin, dancing, playing video games, watching anime, and playing soccer.

Daniel Villagomez 1_opt

Daniel Villagomez

  • Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • Hometown: Houston, Texas
  • Favorite Aggie Tradition: The Aggie Ring
  • Involvement Outside the Classroom: I love sports, specifically basketball, soccer and track. I do a bit of weightlifting. I joined the A&M SAE and am a member of Fellowship Church.
  • My Advice to Freshmen: Welcome! Congrats on making it into A&M and congrats on making it into the Engineering Honors programme. You already have so much to be proud of! I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible. This will be a very fun year, especially if you get active during Howdy week. Not sure how to do that? No worries, we will always be there to help you out on things like that. Don't forget to keep checking your Howdy portal for important information over the summer. P.S. you'll also find where to park on move-in day there as well.
  • Fun Fact: I love strategy games as much as I love sports. I'm also a huge Tolkien fan.

ECOS Coaches

Our Coaches connect our residents to the engineering community at large at Texas A&M, serve as mentors to younger students, and set a positive example for residents of what an excellent engineering student looks like! Read more about the specific role of ECOS Coaches here.

Jaime Flores 1_opt

Jaime Flores

  • Major: Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science
  • Hometown: Mission, Texas
  • Favorite Aggie Tradition: Silver Taps
  • Involvement Outside the Classroom: The major organization I am involved with is IEEE. My main hobbies include playing video games, reading, and working on design projects.
  • My Advice to Freshmen: Freshman engineering may seem annoying or difficult at times, but it's important to keep moving forward. Continue to motivate yourself and you will manage to thrive!

Jordan Lamkin 1_opt

Jordan Lamkin

  • Major: Computer Science 
  • Hometown: Mission, Texas
  • Favorite Aggie Tradition: "Howdy!"
  • Involvement Outside the Classroom: As a Computer Science major, I am very interested in coding. I am on the school's competitive programming team, I am doing research in verified code, and I hope to be attending hackathons this year.
  • My Advice to Freshmen: You are coming to an awesome engineering school and will be part of a great community. Take advantage of the opportunities you will have here. You will find that there is someone able to help with just about everything you could need. Chances are, at some point you will be faced with a situation you don't like or a problem (especially academic ones) you can't solve. Remember that asking for help and giving up are two different things, and don't give up.

Waylon Lee

Waylon Lee

  • Major: Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Math
  • Hometown: Houston, Texas
  • Favorite Aggie Tradition: Aggie Muster
  • Involvement Outside the Classroom: Research under Dr. John Velasek, Hardchord dynamix treasurer, and FREE phat parent.
  • My Advice to Freshmen: Join an organization! Make some friends, enjoy your time in college (whilst maintaining some good grades)!

Chris Leshikar 1_opt

Christopher Leshikar

  • Major: Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Math
  • Hometown: Shiloh, Illinois
  • Favorite Aggie Tradition: Midnight Yell
  • Involvement Outside the Classroom: Outside of the classroom, I am a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). I also help with STEM Outreach program. In this program, I along with other engineering majors video call middle schoolers and assist with various projects they do. Along with AIAA and STEM Outreach, I am doing volunteer work for Vehicle Systems and Control Labratory.
  • My Advice to Freshmen: Howdy everyone! As you prepare for college I want to give some words of advice.  First and perhaps most importantly, DON'T overstress! The first few weeks of college can seem overwhelming, but you got this! If you are prepared to work hard, you will excel.  Second, there is a lot of opportunity here at Texas A&M. I encourage each of you to find something that suits your interests and stick with it. I assure that it will make your college experience much more enjoyable.

Diego Morales 1_opt

Diego Morales

  • Major: Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Astrophysics
  • Hometown: Spring, Texas
  • Favorite Aggie Tradition: Reveille
  • Involvement Outside the Classroom: I go to some AIAA meetings (organization for aerospace engineering) and watch a lot of tv (Always Sunny and Breaking Bad are GOAT). I also read often, mainly science fiction (Asimov and Clarke).
  • My Advice to Freshmen: 1. Form a study group! Tough classes like physics are much more bearable when you have people to help you. 2. Read the syllabus. Most of the questions you'll want to ask are answered there.

Giuseppe Rizzi

Giuseppe Rizzi

  • Major: Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science
  • Hometown: Walker, Louisiana
  • Favorite Aggie Tradition: Reveille
  • Involvement Outside the Classroom: I enjoy computer programming and robotics as a hobby. I am also involved in the Pro-life Aggies club.
  • My Advice to Freshmen: Welcome to Texas A&M! I think you'll like it here. Despite being one of the largest campuses in the United States, Texas A&M feels like a small community. I encourage you to get involved in interesting projects and student organizations. And once classes start don't forget to study hard, get to know your professors and their research, and most importantly never give up. Have fun!