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Spark your interest in entrepreneurship through programs such as Aggies Invent. If you have an idea but aren’t sure where to take it, or just want to join a community of student innovators then these are the programs for you!



You think your idea is great…Fantastic!  Your roommate might even purchase one.  However, will anyone else? Discover if anyone will buy your invention before you start investing too much money! Learn about how to invent with a purpose, gain insight from today’s top CEO’s and find out how to take your first steps towards establishing a startup.



Prepare for your career after Texas A&M. How do you launch a business or secure your dream job? With networking sessions and our engineering incubator, you’ll be ready for whatever path you might take. With programs inside and outside of the classroom, we have the right resources needed to make it happen.


If it’s time to launch your business we can help. From courses on startup basics to a business accelerator, we have the ecosystem that will help you thrive.​ Engineering Entrepreneurship proves a supportive environment, connections within the startup community, and coaching for pitching to investors.  Let’s watch your business takeoff!

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