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Inventeer Fellow

A College of Engineering Inventeer Fellow will gain experience and training that is specific to technology and engineering companies, including:

    • Creativity and opportunity recognition
    • Basic business skills
    • Legal fundamentals
    • Practice in customer and business model formation

A College of Engineering Inventeer Fellow will be positioned to apply these skills in large, small and startup companies.

The requirements include the following:

    • ENGR 461 – Product Lean Launch for Engineers (3 Hours)
    • ENGR 462 – Engineering Entrepreneur Hour (1 Hour)
    • Choose 2 (for 6 Hours)
      • ENDS 101 – The Design Process (3 Hours)
      • ENGR 36X – Enterprise Basics for Technical Entrepreneurs (3 Hours)
      • ENGR 36Y - Sales, Operations, and Manufacturing for Technology Companies (3 Hours)
      • ENGR 3BB – Entity Formation, Contracts, Patent and Copyright, and General Business Law (3 Hours)
    • Participate in an Aggies Invent

More information on entrepreneurship courses can be found here.