Rheology of Non-Newtonian Fluids Laboratory

This lab focuses on the rheology of complex fluids.  This lab is equipped with a rheometer, a coreflood setup, and an auto titrator.

Auto titrator—Measurement of potential is to determine total acid number (TAN) with KOH in IPA as titrant and total base number (TBN) with HCl in IPA as titrant. Karl-fisher measurement is done with the Pt-electrode to determine the water composition of crude oil sample.


Rheometer—Viscosity and dynamic rheological properties can be measured using this instrument. On the left side is the rheometer, and on the right side is nitrogen tank. High temperature and high pressure can be applied. The limit is 500°F and 1000 psi.


Coreflood Setup—Coreflood test can be done with this setup at different temperatures.

The core is 6-in long and 1.5-in in diameter. From left to right is hydraulic pump, three fluid accumulators, coreholder, pressure transducer, and hand pump. The transducer is connected to a computer and the data is recorded. It is also good for core up to 20-in long and is compatible for gas injection tests.