Productivity Enhancement Lab

The Productivity Enhancement Lab addresses the key factors for well productivity improvement through a wide range of research studies, including optimized acid stimulation strategies and enhanced oil recovery flood experiments. Equipment listed below:

Density Meter DMA 4100 M - Provides unparalleled ease of use and state-of-the-art digital density measurement.


Spinning Drop Tensiometer - Developed for the measurement of interfacial tension, surface tension, absorption rate and particularly applicable to values of interfacial tension below 1 mN/m and especially below 10-2 mN/m, as may occur when employing surfactants for enhanced oil recovery.


Bohlin CS (Constant Stress) - Advanced and accurate rheometer for measuring rheological properties on a wide variety of materials, for example cement paste or materials such as oils or admixtures.


SP600 - A single-beam spectrophotometer. The instrument performs a self-test as soon as it is turned on, confirming proper operation and performance of all key components.


Drop Shape Analysis Apparatus - Used for the evaluation of drop shapes and provides the user with a universally applicable tool for determination of physical properties such as the interfacial tension and the contact angle but also for observation of heat- and mass transfer phenomena at elevated pressures and temperatures.


Coreflood System - A system that passes a fluid (gas or liquid) through a core sample at controlled pressure and temperature conditions and measures or monitors flow parameters. These systems are used for a wide variety of experimental research in the laboratory to develop, evaluate or prove concepts in the laboratory that will improve oil recovery and production in the field.

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