Peter Valkó


Robert L. Whiting Chair in Petroleum Engineering


Office: RICH 709
Phone: 979.862.2757
Fax: 979.862.1272

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Research Interests

  • Performance of stimulated wells
  • Design and analysis of hydraulic fracturing treatments
  • Numerical inversion of the Laplace transform


  • PhD equivalent (Candidate of Sciences), Institute of Catalysis , Novosibirsk , USSR , 1981
  • MS equivalent (Doctor technicus, Applied Mathematics) Veszprem University , Hungary , 1975
  • BS equivalent (Dipl. chemical engineer), Veszprem University , Hungary , 1973

Selected Publications

Spivey, J.P., Valkó, P.P., and William. D. McCain, Jr. Applications of the Coefficient of Isothermal Compressibility to Various Reservoir Situations With New Correlations for Each Situation, SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering, accepted for publication 2007.

Ilk, D., Valkó, P.P., and Blasingame, T.A. Deconvolution of Variable-Rate Reservoir-Performance Data Using B-Splines, SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering, vol 9, 2006, pp 582-595.

Ibragimov, A., Khalmanova, D., Valkó, P.P., Walton, J.R. On a mathematical model of the productivity index of a well from reservoir engineering, SIAM J. Appl. Math, Vol 65 (Iss 6) 2005 pp 1952-1980.

Yi, X., Valkó, P.P., Russell, J. Effect of Rock Strength Criterion on the Predicted Onset of Sand Production, Int. J. Geomechanics, Vol 5 (Iss 1) 2005 pp 66-73.

Valkó, P.P. Solution of the Graetz–Brinkman problem with the Laplace transform Galerkin method, Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, Vol. 48 (Iss. 9) 2005 pp. 1874-1882.