Priscilla G. McLeroy, P.E.

Professor of Engineering Practice

Image of Mcleroy, Priscilla G.

Office: RICH 901J
Phone: 979.845.2907

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Research Interests

  • Improved decision and risk analysis
  • Lifecycle oil and gas management
  • Integrated E&P asset design
  • Oil & gas systems engineering


  • MS, petroleum engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California
  • BS, biophysics, University of Houston, Houston, Texas

Selected Publications

Garvey, M.A., McLeroy, P.G., Weijermars, R. 2017. Reservoir-model-based scenarios for assessing the viability of greenhouse gas mitigation strategies through CO2 enhanced oil recovery. Energy Strategy Reviews, March 2017.

Ferro, S., Tomasini, J., Gristo, P., Romeu, C., Blánquez, N., de Santa Ana, H., McLeroy P.G. 2017. Uruguayan Petroleum Fiscal Regime, SPE-185473-MS, SPE Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference.

Nelson, M.E. and McLeroy, P.G. 2014. Subsea Well Intervention: Recent Developments and Recommendations to Increase Overall Project Returns, SPE 170980 paper for the SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Gristo, P., Tomasini, J., Ferro, S., Fennema, J., McLeroy, P.G. 2014. Technical and Economic Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Prospects Offshore Uruguay and the Challenge of Maximizing Rent From Exploration to Production Phases Through Local Content, SPE 169823 paper for the SPE Hydrocarbon Economics and Evaluation Symposium, Houston, TX.

Ferro, S., Tomasini, J., Gristo, P., de Santa Ana, H., McLeroy, P.G. 2014. Economic Comparison for the Potential Development of Onshore Unconventional Resources and Offshore Conventional Prospects in Uruguay, SPE 169302 paper for the SPE Latin America & Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference, Maricaibo, Venezuela.