John Killough


George K. Hickox, Jr. Professor in Petroleum Engineering


Office: RICH 401K
Phone: 979.862.6416

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Research Interests

  • Unconventional reservoir simulation/high performance computing
  • Coupled surface/sub-surface reservoir models
  • Upscaling and multiscale reservoir simulation
  • Hysteresis and relative permeability

Awards & Honors

  • Holder of George K. Hickok, Jr. Professorship of Petroleum Engineering
  • SPE Distinguished Member
  • Recipient of Petroleum Engineering Department Award for Teaching Excellence (2016)
  • Recipient of SPE Reservoir Description and Dynamics Award (2013)
  • Halliburton Technology Fellow for Reservoir Simulation


  • PhD, Math Sciences, Rice University, Houston, Texas
  • NSF Graduate Fellow in Physical Chemistry, Rice University, Houston, Texas
  • M. Ch. E., Rice University, Houston, Texas
  • BA, Ch. E. (Phi Beta Kappa), Rice University, Houston, Texas

Selected Publications

Tang, H., Killough, J.E., Heidari, Z., and Sun, Z., “A New Technique to Characterize Fracture Density Using Neutron Porosity Logs Enhanced by Electrically-Transported Contrast Agents”, SPE Journal, April, 2017.

B. Yan, Y. Wang, H. Nasrabadi, and J.E. Killough, “Accelerating Flash Calculations Using Compositional Space for Reservoir Simulation”, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, March, 2017.

B. Yan, Y. Wang, and J.E. Killough, “A Fully-Compositional Model Considering the Effect of Nanopores in Tight Oil Reservoirs”, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, January, 2017.

B. Yan, M. Alfi, C. An, Y. Cao, Y Wang, JE Killough, “General Multi-Porosity simulation for fractured reservoir modeling”, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 33(1), 777-791, July, 2016.

Yan, B., Wang, Y., and Killough, J.E., “Beyond dual-porosity modeling for the simulation of complex flow mechanisms in shale reservoirs”, Computational Geosciences 20 (1), 69-91, 2016.