Hadi Nasrabadi

Assistant Professor

Douglas Von Gonten Faculty Fellow


Office: RICH 401Q
Phone: 979.862.6483

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Research Interests

  • Compositional Modeling of Multiphase/Multicomponent Fluid Flow in Porous Media
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery and Sequestration
  • Phase Behavior of Reservoir Fluids
  • Modeling asphaltene precipitation in porous media
  • Shale gas and oil recovery


  • PhD, Petroleum Engineering, Imperial College, London, UK, 2006
  • BS, Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 2002

Selected Publications

Luo, S., Nasrabadi, H. and Lutkenhaus, J. L. 2016. Effect of Confinement on the Bubble Points of Hydrocarbons in Nanoporous Media. AIChE Journal (in press).

Nasrabadi, H., Moortgat, J., Firoozabadi, A. 2016. A New Three-Phase Multicomponent Compositional Model for Asphaltene Precipitation during CO2 Injection Using CPA-EOS. Energy & Fuels (in press).

Lyons, J., Nasrabadi, H., and Nasr-El-Din, H.A. 2016. A Novel Pore-Scale Thermal Fracture Acidizing Model with Heterogeneous Rock Properties. SPE Journal 21(1): 280-292.

Lyons, J., and Nasrabadi, H. 2013. Well Placement Optimization under Time-Dependent uncertainty using an Ensemble Kalman Filter and Genetic Algorithm Techniques. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 109: 70-79.

Sayed, M.A., Nasr-El-Din, H.A., and Nasrabadi H. 2013. Reaction of Emulsified Acids with Dolomite. Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology 52(3): 164-175.