Christine Ehlig-Economides


holder of the A.B. Stevens Chair

Image of Ehlig-Economides, Christine

Office: 710BA Richardson
Phone: 979.458.0797

Research Interests

Dr. Ehlig-Economides is internationally recognized for expertise in reservoir engineering, pressure transient analysis, integrated reservoir characterization, complex well design, and production enhancement. She is currently working to introduce degree programs and research in Energy Engineering at Texas A&M University. She has recently become director of the Center for Energy, Environment, and Transportation Innovation (CEETI) in the Crisman Institute. The center website is

Awards & Honors

  • Phi Kappa Phi ( University of Kansas)
  • Standard Oil of California Fellowship ( Stanford University)
  • Sigma Xi (National Honor Research Society)
  • Outstanding Faculty Award ( University of Alaska, Fairbanks; School of Mineral Industry)
  • SPE Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty, 1982
  • Alaska SPE Engineer of the Year, 1982
  • SPE Formation Evaluation Award, 1995
  • SPE Distinguished Member in 1996
  • Lester C. Uren Award in 1997
  • SPE Distinguished Lecturer, 1997-98
  • National Academy of Engineering, 2003


  • Ph.D., Petroleum Engineering, Stanford University, 1979
  • M.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Kansas, 1976
  • M.A.T., Mathematics Education, University of Kansas, 1974
  • B.A., Math-Science, Rice University, 1971

Selected Publications

Ehlig-Economides, C.A., and Spath, J.: “Waterflood Infill Well Pattern Strategies for Horizontal and Multibranch Wells,” SPE 35209 presented at the Permian Basin Oil Recovery Conference held in Midland, TX, 27-29 March, 1996.

Ehlig-Economides, C.A., Mowat, G.R., and Corbett, C.: “Techniques for Multibranch Well Trajectory Design in the context of a Three-Dimensional Reservoir Model,” SPE 35505 presented at the European 3-D Reservoir Modelling Conference in Stavanger, Norway, 16-17 April 1996.

Ehlig-Economides, C.A., Chan, K.S., and Spath, J.: “Production Enhancement Strategies in Strong Bottom Water Drive Reservoirs,” SPE 36613 presented at the 1996 SPE Annual Conference and Exhibition, Denver, Colorado, Oct. 6-9.

Fernandez, Belkis, Ehlig-Economides, C.A., and Economides, M. J.: “Multibranch Injector/Producer Wells in Thick Heavy Crude Reservoirs,” SPE 53950, presented at the 1999 SPE Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference held in Caracas, Venezuela, April 1999.

Ehlig-Economides, C.A., Fernandez, B.G., Gongora, C.A.: “Global Experiences and Practice for Cold Production of Moderate and Heavy Oil,” SPE 58773, presented at the SPE international Symposium on Formation Damage Control, Lafayette, LA, February 2000.

Ehlig-Economides, C.A., Taha, M., Marin, H.D., Novoa, E. and Sanchez, O.: “Drilling and completion Strategies in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs,” SPE 59057 presented at the SPE International Petroleum Conference and Exhibition in Mexico, Villahermosa, Feb. 2000.

Ehlig-Economides, C.A., and Economides, M.J.: “Single Well Reservoir Management – the Ultimate Multibranch Well Challenge,” SPE 59447 alternate paper for the SPE Asia Pacific Conference on Integrated Modeling for Asset Management, Yokohama, April 2000.

Ehlig-Economides, C.A., Fernandez, B., and Economides, M.J.: “Multibranch Injector/Producer Wells in Thick Heavy Crude Reservoirs,” SPEREE, June 2001

Ehlig-Economides, C. A., and Economides, M. J.: “Accelerating Oil Recovery with p-Mode Production,” World Oil, November 2000.

Guerithault, Raphael, and Ehlig-Economides, C.A.: “Single-Well Waterflood Strategy for Accelerating Oil Recovery,” SPE 71608 presented at the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, October, 2001

11.Terez, Ivan E., and Ehlig-Economides, C.A.: “Horizontal Wells in Thermal Applications for Displacement and Gravity Drainage,” SPE/CIM 78974, presented at the International Thermal Operations and Heavy Oil Symposium and International Horizontal Well Technology Conference held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, November 2002.