Degree Information

Mission statement

To prepare high-quality, well-rounded petroleum engineers to enter managerial positions in the industry. We require that all students in our Master of Engineering (MEng) program to complete coursework in each of the industry’s core topics.

Master of Engineering 

The MEng program requires coursework in drilling, production, and reservoir engineering as means of providing depth and breadth in these skills. The MEng is a working degree, one that complements a petroleum engineer's work requirements. However, it also provides challenges that yield a significant growth in technical skills.

The degree requires:

  1. a minimum of 36 hours (12 courses) of study. Additional hours may be added at the discretion of the student and/or the advisory committee.
  2. complete a topical report on a particular aspect of a process, technique, or study.
    • All MEng students are required to complete an engineering report during the last semester before graduation. The PETE 692 Professional Study (Project) course is the final course and taken one-on-one with your committee chair.
    • The student will work closely with their Chair (Advisor) in planning, organizing, drafting, and completing the paper. 

Travel not required

All the requirements to complete the M.Eng. degree are fulfilled through the online distance learning program. You will not have to come to campus to complete any of the requirements. All exams, projects, and other class assignments will be given through the distance learning e-campus system.