DL Master of Engineering Graduate Program




NOTE: The distance learning degree is called Master of Engineering and is geared toward adults working full-time

Distance Learning - Master of Engineering follows a non-thesis route which means residency is not required, nor lab work; however, non-thesis does require more classes. During the final semester, a professional written report and presentation is required. This is usually a non-published report.

Campus - Master of Science is research-based, requires residency; therefore, it is thesis-based on a large-scale research project which may be performed in labs or out-in-field; and therefore, requires more research hours. For more information on the campus program contact: pe-grad_info@tamu.edu 


  1. Requirements
  2. How to apply
  3. Application Deadlines
  4. International students (required documents)
  5. Formerly enrolled Master of Engineering graduate students returning to finish degree
  6. Contact and other information 



Admission to the Department of Petroleum Engineering's Distance Learning Graduate Program (DLGP) is a selective and competitive process due to its rigorous engineering curriculum.

      1. You MUST have a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from an accredited institution that is recognized by Texas A&M. The graduate committee may take into consideration closely related engineering majors; for example, chemical, mechanical, electrical.

      2. GRE is mandatory and competitive. GRE scores taken within the last five years are acceptable; over five years, then GRE must be retaken. The GRE is ranked on verbal and quantitative only. The DLGP does NOT accept GMAT.  See FAQ #6 for more information on scoring. 

NOTE: The above two items are not guaranteed admission, they are part of the requirements to apply.

The DLGP does NOT offer the bachelor's degree, master of science, or Ph.D online.


If you hold a four-year baccalaureate (undergraduate) degree in engineering or higher from an accredited college or university of recognized standing, please follow the outline below.

Degrees from institutions outside of the United States of America are evaluated by the Office of Admissions at Texas A&M University (not the Department of Petroleum Engineering) for equivalency to U.S. degrees.

Questions regarding your submitted application: pe-grad_info@tamu.edu or call: 979.845.2287

Questions regarding the distance learning program, see FAQ [menu to right], email (preferred): dl.info@pe.tamu.edu or call: 979.845.9385

A. The Texas Common Application (TCA) [Please use the Department of Petroleum Engineering's deadline dates (listed below under "application deadline") and not the TCA or TAMU deadline dates]

        • You will receive a Universal Identification Number (UIN) after you submit the application. Please include the UIN on all correspondence to DL staff.
        • Shoebox Questions located in the application, page 8, will ask you if you want to seek this degree by distance education and this is where you answer: yes.
        • There is an application fee and the Dept. of Petroleum Engineering does not waive fees.
        • Applications submitted can take up to ten (10) business days for processing in the Office of Admissions, Texas A&M. Once uploaded, then the graduate office in petroleum engineering will be able to view your application.
        • See above four steps in accessing the status of your application.


        • All previous institutions, statements of degrees earned, and official transcripts must be sent to the Office of Admissions, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX. This is stated in the application.
        • You can submit unofficial transcripts to the Petroleum Engr. Graduate Office (see e-mail above) and note in the e-mail that the University you attended has been contacted to send all official transcripts/documents to the Office of Admissions.

NOTE: If you earned your degree from Texas A&M - College Station, you do not need to attach the transcript to your application; only those courses/degrees not taken at this University.

C. GRE SCORES (taken within the last five years) are ranked on verbal and quantitative only.

        • Use code 6003 for reporting GRE Scores, the department code is not needed.
        • We do NOT accept GMAT.
        • We do not have minimum GRE scores; however, due to the large number of applications received and limited number of students accepted per semester, we remain competitive. Test scores are evaluated in a manner that complies with House bill 1641.
        • You can send the unofficial scores to the PE Graduate Office (email listed above) and note in the e-mail when the Office of Admissions at Texas A&M can expect receiving the official scores.

If you are taking the GRE after the Petroleum Engineering Dept. application deadline (see below under "application deadline"), please send an e-mail to the PE Graduate Office (e-mail listed above) and let them know the date you are taking the GRE exam so that they can print out your e-mail and note it in your application file.

Late admission of a completed application may or may not be reviewed and may or may not result in denial of your application.

The following items can be submitted through the Texas Common Application website; OR .pdf to the graduate office in petroleum at pe-grad_info@tamu.edu



The three references you select should attest to your ability to succeed in graduate study. Once you submit your application, and access the AIS system <https://applicant.tamu.edu/>, under "documents" there will be a link for "letter of recommendation." This is where you can also upload other documents such as your resume/essay/other. Through the AIS system you will be able to track the status of each recommendation request. (as noted at the top of this page -- the four steps)


Suggestions for writing the statement of purpose:

          • The purpose in attending graduate school 
          • Expectations from this degree 
          • How the degree will develop your career
          • Problems, opportunities and/or challenges you perceive in working toward degree completion


Our deadlines are different from Texas A&M deadlines and Apply Texas deadlines.  Below are the deadlines to go by for the petroleum engineering master of engineering degree.

Distance Learning Graduate Program deadlines are listed below:

Spring - Deadline will be September 1

Summer - Deadline will be November 1

Fall – Deadline will be December 15

Please note that the graduate program receives a high volume of applications; therefore, decisions may not be immediately available until several weeks after the due dates given above.


International Student - Required Documents

TOEFL (550 paper, 213 computer, 80 IBT), IELTS (6.0), --OR-- GRE verbal (147) if English is not your native language.


If you dropped out of the program and want to return to finish your degree, please note the following:

1) You have seven years to complete the degree, starting from the first time registered in the DL program. After seven years, courses start dropping off your degree plan and you may find yourself retaking those courses at your expense.

2) You must fill out the readmit application online. The Office of Admissions cannot process your application until they receive it with your original signature. Readmit application and information: http://admissions.tamu.edu/readmit

3) The committee will review your application and courses taken thus far in the DL Graduate Program.

4) You must have an overall GPA 3.0 or above and no D's or F's to be reconsidered.

5) Any courses taken at another institution during the lapse from Texas A&M, those transcripts will be required.

 Returning students are not guaranteed admission in to the program. 


Questions about the application, please email: pe-grad_info@tamu.edu or call: 979.845.2287.

Questions about the distance learning program, please email: dl.info@pe.tamu.edu