Please note: The only difference between you and a campus student is you are a virtual student.  This means you are just as responsible for keeping up with your degree program, following Texas A&M University deadlines, staying in contact with the course professor and/or teaching assistants; and lastly, abiding by Texas A&M student rules.

1)      When do I register? I am blocked.

Information about registration is sent to the DL Listserv. You will also receive an email to your account stating your preregistration time. It is during this time that you will clear your location on

You are blocked by the Department of Petroleum Engineering for registration. Once you submit you location, filled out the registration form provided in the registration email sent to the DL Listserv, forwarded the form to Laura; you will then get registered.

2)     I don’t have access to e-campus?

You will not have access to e-campus until the professor makes it available which is usually the first day classes begin.

3)      The syllabus on the DL website is not available?

Once the faculty give us their syllabus, we upload to the website. However, older syllabus’ give you an idea of what you can expect in that course. Go to: /petroleum/academics/distance-learning/current-students/courses

Faculty will also have updated syllabus made available on the e-campus course webpage.

4)      Who is my advisor?

Dr. Barrufet serves as your temporary advisor.  During your second semester or third course, whichever comes first, you will begin preparing your degree plan.  Information is sent out to the DL Listserv every semester.

5)      I missed the deadline to register, how come I was not notified?

Information about registration is sent out to the DL Listserv.

Bookmark the Texas A&M University Academic Calendar []. You are responsible to keep track of dates/deadlines.

Bookmark the Distance Learning Graduate Program website [petroleum/academics/distance-learning/current-students/distance-learning-home]

Bookmark – you will find your student schedule, degree evaluation, and other valuable information to help you succeed in the program.

Bookmark the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies: []

Bookmark the Graduate Catalog: []

6)      Where are the student rules located:

7)      Where do I pay my tuition and fees:

Go to and look to the right hand side for “billing” and click on it.

Questions or concerns about tuition and fees:

 8)    Can I make installment payments?

You can do that through the billing section on HOWDY. You must request installment payments EVERY semester. The installment plan does not roll over semester-to-semester. Problems with billing should be directed to Student Business Services (SBS): (website) for contact.

9)      Problems with NetID?

If your NetID password is going to expire or has expired, visit the following Web site for instructions to update or change it:

10)      What is Live The Code?

Review the Academic Integrity information available from the Dean of Student Life at:

11)     I am having trouble accessing a course/submitting email/software issues?

Contact the Distance Learning Coordinators at:

12)     I have questions concerning the program, such as registration, degree plans, etc.?

Contact Laura at

13)     I want to get a student ID card.

E-mail the Aggie Card Office at from your official TAMU email account requesting the DE ID card and they will verify you are eligible and mail you the ID. 

14)    Videos, sound, poor resolution... 

           Please contact: and copy the DL Staff: 

15)    GMAIL password, contact the HELPDESK: