New Students

click: Certificate students to learn more about the certificate program.

Newly Enrolled Degree Seeking Students only

According to the graduate catalog, each student must:

  • Know the specific degree requirements as established by the university or the student's department, college, or school.
  • Enroll in the appropriate course work to complete the degree plan.
  • Maintain the appropriate standards to continue graduate studies.
  • Know the steps and deadlines related to graduation located on OGAPS website <>
  • Get acquainted with the Texas A&M University Student Rules.
  • For more information


Once you are admitted to the University then set up the following:
  1. NetID

  2. Photograph - for internal use only

    Mandatory - send to both and
  3. Add yourself to the DL Listserv (Degree seeking students only)

  4. Check for holds in HOWDY
    • The only hold you should have is from the Dept. of Petroleum Engr. Although it is called an advising hold by the Registrar Office, the DL program uses it as "registration hold." All other holds must be cleared prior to registration. Contact the DL staff for any concerns/questions.


Be sure you joined the Distance Learning Listserv to receive information to help you along in the DL program.

Please contact Laura with any questions:


  1. Academic Calendars
  2. Available Courses
    • Click on Course link (located in menu to the right) for information about DL courses. 
  3. Registration Information
    • CHECK HOWDY for any additional holds other than our department registration hold (a.k.a. advising hold).
      • We cannot register you in class when you have a hold other than our department hold. You are responsible for clearing that hold.
    • MANDATORY to complete the distance education location update located under the MY RECORDS TAB and under heading "registration." This is requested every semester by TAMU and can be done during either: 1) the time you are allotted, or 2) open enrollment.
    • REGISTRATION information will be sent to the DL Listserv around mid-semester.
      • Registration procedure: A registration form will be sent out to all students via email to fill out and submit during the designated dates.You will be registered by the DL Staff on a first come, first serve basis. This is a mandatory procedure put in place by the director of distance learning.
      • Students without a petroleum engineering degree will be required to take the following courses first: PETE 661, 662, 663, 664, 665, 667. NOTE: These courses WILL BE part of your degree plan.
      • Students with petroleum engineering degree may be required to take two or three of the following courses: PETE 661, 662, 663, 664, 665, 667. This will be determined by your Chair (a.k.a. Advisor)

NOTE: When enrolled in one course and dropping it visit HOWDY portal. Follow links for withdrawing.

NOTE: Every semester: YOU WILL BE BLOCKED BY DL PROGRAM, as per the director of distance learning.

  1. Accessing course materials 
    • Generally, professors will not have the syllabus posted until the beginning of the semester, please check e-campus.
      • Refer to the course link (located in menu to the right) for sample syllabus that have been used in the past and are subject to change.
      • You may contact the professor ahead of time with questions pertaining to the course. Locate faculty emails in the people section of the Department of Petroleum Engineering website.
    • All course materials are accessible through the course website located within e-campus. 
      • Access to e-campus will be the first day of classes, although sometimes a professor may not use e-campus and will contact you via Gmail. 
      • E-campus: You must use your NetID login and password to access e-campus.
    • You will not gain access to the course website and materials until all holds have been removed from your account.
    • The course website contains a calendar, links to the course syllabus, access to synchronous communication, Chat, and asynchronous communication, Discussion Board(s).
  2. Plan ahead for the next semester 
    • Consult your graduate adviser for suggested courses if courses on your degree plan are not being taught during a particular semester. It is okay to change courses. Your last semester you can do a petition for course changes.
    • You must have your committee formed by the end of your second semester or third course, whichever comes first.
    • Information about degree plans will be sent to the DL Listserv beginning of the semester; or, check on this DL website under current student link (menu to the right) for link to degree plan information.
    • Remember to bookmark and check the Academic Calendar --
    • Click on: Course Prerequisites (this gets updated annually, so new courses may not show here)
  3. International Students



If you dropped out of the program and want to return to finish your degree, please note the following:

  1. You have seven years to complete the degree, starting from the first time registered in the department.
  2. You must fill out the readmit form and send to the Office of Admissions.  The committee will review your application and courses taken thus far in the DL Program. Readmit form and information:


As of the end of the Fall 2014 semester, all PE student emails were forwarded to their respective Texas A&M Gmail accounts. You will now use Texas A&M Gmail for any departmental communications.

To forward your student email to work or personal account, go to Aggie Gateway ( settings  under the "Email Settings" tab.