Current students – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Academic Rules: http://student-rules.tamu.edu/academicrules to learn more. Not all rules will necessarily apply to the online program.

Graduate Catalog: catalog.tamu.edu/pdfs/GRAD_catalog13_14.pdf [copy and paste in to your browser].

Below are the following categories:

General questions

Graduation questions

Registration questions

Video questions


1) Prerequisites

According to student rules: http://student-rules.tamu.edu/rule01  1.13 Prerequisites. It is the responsibility of the student to be sure that course prerequisites are met. All prerequisites must be listed in the appropriate catalog or schedule of classes. A student may register for a course for which he or she has not met the prerequisites only with the consent of the head of the department in which the course is offered. Failure to meet course prerequisites could result in a student being dropped from the class.

For listing of course prerequisites, see the COURSE link on the menu to the right and click on it then on 'course prerequisite' .pdf: /petroleum/academics/distance-learning/current-students/courses

2) Can a student take a break from the DL Program?

Yes, you can skip a semester or two.  However, after two main consecutive semesters; for example, fall and spring – you must enroll by the last semester you took a course to avoid being withdrawn from Texas A&M University. If the last course was a Fall semester then enroll by the following Fall semester or you will be considered "not returning" and go "inactive." If this happens you will fill out a readmit application for review by the graduate committee to see if you maintained a good academic standing of 3.0 or above which is required by Texas A&M University and the Dept. of Petroleum Engineering. However, this is not a guarantee you will be readmitted. NOTE: You have seven (7) years to complete the degree program from your original date of acceptance.

3) For readmit application: http://admissions.tamu.edu/readmit 

4) Is there a limit on the number of years to complete the Master of Engineering Program?

Yes. You must complete the Master of Engineering within seven (7) years to avoid the loss of classes taken. An extension for a course about to expire is allowed -only- if you are planning to graduate within that following semester. Please review the graduate catalog for detailed information.

5) Where do I submit my degree plan/petitions/extensions?

You submit your degree plan/petitions (course changes, committee member add/delete/change, etc.) /extensions on the Document Processing Submission system: https://ogsdpss.tamu.edu/

For more information about degree plans, see menu to right and click on DEGREE PLANS link.

6)  Where do I get a student ID?

E-mail the Aggie Card Office at aggiecard@tamu.edu from your official TAMU email account requesting the DE ID card and they will verify you are eligible and mail you the ID.  

7) I want to drop my one course, how do I?

If you have any concern about your current course, plan to visit with your instructor for insight into the decision. They can tell you if the coursework tends to become more challenging as the semester progresses, suggest study strategies and resources appropriate for their course, and provide other helpful advice.

When dropping your class(es) puts you at zero hours you will need to follow withdrawal procedures. However, this will not affect your registration for the following semester.

Students who drop to zero (0) hours in a semester or term must officially withdraw from the University. This process is now done through HOWDY.TAMU.EDU by filling out the form and submitting it online to the office of the student's academic dean. Scroll down Howdy website to STUDENT WITHDRAWAL.

Students may withdraw by the deadline for Q-dropping (50th class day of a fall or spring semester; 15th class day of a 5-week summer term; 35th class day of a 10-week summer semester). After the deadline, deans may permit students to withdraw only under non-academic extenuating circumstances. You must withdraw by the deadline to avoid penalties.

For additional information about withdrawing from the University, see Part I, Section 17 of the Texas A&M University Student Rules <http://student-rules.tamu.edu/>. Also review the link on refunds.

8) I am taking two courses and want to drop one of those courses?

If you have a concern about any course(s) that might require you to q-drop or withdraw from your course(s), plan to CONTACT your instructor(s) for insight into the decision.  They can tell you if the coursework tends to become more challenging as the semester progresses, suggest study strategies appropriate for their course, and provide other helpful advice. You may discover that you can continue in the course, saving the time and money you have already invested.

Approved Q-drops will be entered by authorized personnel in the deans’ offices and/or the academic departments. Contact DL Staff.

Q-drop form: http://registrar.tamu.edu/Forms-Reports/List-of-All-Forms

Student Rules <http://student-rules.tamu.edu/>. Review the link on refunds.

See the GRADUATION link on menu to right for more information.


1) I am in my last class (PETE 692 -professional studies) now what?

See menu to right and click on GRADUATION link.

2) When do I choose a subject for the final research project (also known as final exam)

You can check with your Chair (Advisor) to determine when to start your last course PETE 692 - either semester prior to it or the beginning of your last semester. Recommended to check as early as possible, since deadline for presenting (defending) the paper is usually mid-semester.

3) Do I have to take the final exam or am I exempt?

Final exam (your written report) is required; however, only under unforeseen circumstances your chair may consider exempting you or allowing you to present your paper (final exam) the following semester.

4) Where do I go to find out about graduation?

The Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (OGAPS) website: http://ogaps.tamu.edu

See the GRADUATION link on menu to right for more information.


1) I did not see anything stating registration, did I miss it?

Make sure you are on the Distance Learning (DL) Listserv (Click on DL Home and then on "new" student link -- menu to the right--)
Information about registration is generally sent out mid-semester to the DL Listserv.

2) I cannot find the way to verify that the system got my pre-registration form?

The DL registration form has nothing to do with TAMU system – so you will NOT see it on HOWDY.  If you saw “thank you for taking this survey” then you know it went through.

3) Can you tell me if I successfully registered through Qualtrics.

If you saw “thank you for taking this survey” then you know it went through.

4) I filled out the Qualtrics form, should I expect to be registered by now?

The email states the dates that the Qualtrics link is made available; as well as, the date when registration will begin. Please review the email.

5) I saw some seats already taken in DL courses, has registration started?

Sometimes campus students sign up in the DL courses and we will have them removed. Under certain circumstances they may receive permission to enroll in a DL course.

6) Can you register me in the following class?

Please use the Qualtrics form sent out to the DL Listserv. Registration is based on first come - first serve. Failure to use the form will put you at the end of the list - contact DL staff with UIN/Course No./Course Name if you did not fill out the form.

7) The Qualtrics Form does not let me list a non PETE course.

DL staff does not register students in non-PE courses.  Please send an email to DL staff to unblock you so you can enroll in non-PE class.

8) The class I want is not taught this semester?

Some classes are taught every other year or every two years. Check with your advisor (Chair) as to which course is more suitable to replace the one you want, or wait until it is taught again.

9) I need you to register me for this course due to an advising hold?

The advising hold is the "registration" hold put on by the DL Staff for PETE. TAMU does not have a code for the words "registration hold" and is why you see advising hold. Per the director of distance learning, the DL Staff is to register you.
Make sure you are on the DL Listserv to receive this type of information.

10) I missed the deadline to register, how come I was not notified?

Information about registration is sent out to the DL Listserv.


Texas A&M University Academic Calendar [http://registrar.tamu.edu/general/calendar.aspx]. You are responsible to keep track of dates/deadlines.

Distance Learning Graduate Program website [petroleum/academics/distance-learning/current-students/distance-learning-home]

Howdy.tamu.edu – you will find your student schedule, degree evaluation, and other valuable information to help you succeed in the program. It is where you pay your bill, if taking one course and dropping it - follow instructions for withdrawal.

Office of Graduate and Professional Studies: [http://ogaps.tamu.edu/]

Graduate Catalog: [http://catalog.tamu.edu/]


  • TUITION, reimbursement checks, or questions about billing, please visit the SBS website: sbs.tamu.edu for the correct contact person.
  • VIDEOS, sound, poor resolution, please contact: coe-mediasite-helpdesk@tamu.edu; copy the DL Staff: dl@pe.tamu.edu 
  • GMAIL password, contact the HELPDESK: http://cis.tamu.edu/

As of the end of the Fall 2014 semester, all PE student emails will be forwarded to their respective Texas A&M Gmail accounts, and you should therefore refer to your Texas A&M Gmail for any departmental communications. http://google.tamu.edu/

Please be aware, however, that if you have your Texas A&M email set to forward messages to your Petroleum Engineering email address, then you will receive nothing on either end.

You may wish to verify that this is not the case for you by navigating to the Aggie Gateway (http://gateway.tamu.edu) and verifying the email forwarding settings under the "Email Settings" tab.