Graduate and Research Steering Committee

Datta-Gupta, Akhil

  • Dr. Akhil Datta Gupta

    Regents Professor
  • Associate Department Head-Faculty Administration
  • Holder of L.F. Peterson '36 Chair
  • Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering


Kumar, P.R.

  • Dr. P. R. Kumar

    Holder of Engineering Chair in Computer Engineering
  • Distinguished Professor
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Alan Needleman

  • Dr. Alan Needleman

  • Professor
  • Holder of TEES Distinguished Research Professorship
  • Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Niedzwecki, John

  • Dr. John Niedzwecki

    Holder of Cain '13 Chair
  • Regents Professor
  • Zachry Department of Civil Engineering
  • Ocean Engineering


Reddy, JN

  • Dr. J. N. Reddy

  • Oscar S. Wyatt Jr. Chair
  • Regents Professor
  • Distinguished Professor
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering