Samira Ardani

Research Assistant Professor

Office: PMEC 133 (Galveston)
Email: arda12@tamu.edu

Carroll, Matthew

Matthew Carroll

Instructional Assistant Professor
Courtesy - Marine Engineering Technology (Galveston)

Phone: 409.740.4473
Email: carrollm@tamug.edu

Chang, Kuang-An

Kuang-An Chang

Joint Faculty – Professor, Civil Engineering

Office: DLEB 802C
Phone: 979.845.4504
Email: kchang@civil.tamu.edu

Chen, Hamn-Ching

Hamn-Ching Chen

Holder of A.P. & Florence Wiley Professor I
Joint Faculty – Professor, Civil Engineering

Office: DLEB 808K
Phone: 979.847.9468
Email: hcchen@civil.tamu.edu


Vadoud Dehkharghanian

Research Assistant Professor

Office: PMEC 136 (Galveston)
Email: vadoud@tamu.edu

Vinent, Orencio

Orencio Duran Vinent

Research Assistant Professor

Office: HEB 128
Phone: 979.458.9309
Email: oduranvinent@tamu.edu

Falzarano, Jeffery

Jeffrey Falzarano

Graduate Program Director

Office: HEB 139E
Phone: 979.862.7942
Email: jfalzarano@civil.tamu.edu

Feagin, Russell

Russell Feagin

Courtesy - Professor, Ecosystem Science and Management

Office: Centeq 221C
Email: feaginr@tamu.edu

Figlus, Jens

Jens Figlus

Assistant Professor

Office: PMEC 218 (Galveston)
Phone: 409.741.4317
Email: figlusj@tamug.edu

Girimaji, Sharath

Sharath Girimaji

Department Head
Holder of Wofford Cain Chair II
Joint Faculty - Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Chief Scientist- ASTRO Center
Faculty Advisor - High Altitude Balloon Club

Office: HEB 141 | HRBB 607B
Phone: 979.845.1674
Email: girimaji@tamu.edu

Gordon, Robert

Robert Gordon

Associate Professor of Practice

Office: HEB 125
Phone: 979.458.5523
Email: robert.gordon@tamu.edu


Matthew Greer

Senior Lecturer

Office: PMEC 117 (Galveston)
Phone: 409-740-4555
Email: mngreer@tamu.edu

Horrillo, Juan J

Juan J. Horrillo

Associate Professor

Office: PMEC 217 (Galveston)
Phone: 409.740 .4465
Email: horrillj@tamug.edu

Kaihatu, James

James Kaihatu

Associate Professor
Joint Faculty - Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

Office: DLEB 808D
Phone: 979.862.3511
Email: jkaihatu@civil.tamu.edu

HeonYong Kang

HeonYong Kang

Research Assistant Professor
Assistant Director of Ocean System Simulation and Control Laboratory

Office: HEB 126
Phone: 979.218.0846
Email: hykang@tamu.edu

Kian, Rozita

Rozita Kian

Research Assistant Professor

Office: PMEC 134 (Galveston)
Phone: 409.740.4589
Email: rozita@tamu.edu

Kim, Moo-Hyun

Moo-Hyun Kim

Director, Ocean System Simulation and Control Lab

Office: HEB 139D
Phone: 979.847.8710
Email: m-kim3@tamu.edu

Koola, Paul Mario

Paul Mario Koola

Professor of Practice
EASA-Galveston Coordinator

Office: PMEC 114 (Galveston)
Phone: 409.740.4755 
Email: paulmkoola@tamu.edu

Kumbakonam Rajagopal

Rajagopal Kumbakonam

J.M. Forsyth Chair
Regents Professor
Distinguished Professor
Joint Faculty - Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Office: MEOB 525
Phone: 979.862.4552
Email: krajagopal@tamu.edu

Image of Zenon Medina-Cetina

Zenon Medina-Cetina

Associate Professor
Joint Faculty - Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

Office: DLEB 808S
Phone: 979.845.6567
Email: zenon@tamu.edu

Na, Byoungjoon

Byoungjoon Na

Research Assistant Professor

Office: PMEC 135 (Galveston)
Email: bjna429@tamu.edu

Niedzwecki, John

John Niedzwecki

Cain '13 Chair
Regents Professor

Office: DLEB 709A
Phone: 979.845.4707
Email: j-niedzwecki@tamu.edu

Panchang, Vijaykumar

Vijay Panchang

Regents Professor & Powell Chair

Email: panchanv@tamug.edu

Parihar, Arun

Arun Parihar

Assistant Lecturer

Office: PMEC 228 (Galveston)
Phone: 832.671.1787
Email: arunbhagwan@gmail.com

Perlin, Marc

Marc Perlin

Associate Department Head

Office: PMEC 227 (Galveston)
Phone: 409.740.4728
Email: perlin@tamu.edu

Randall, Robert

Robert Randall

Professor Emeritus
W. H. Bauer Professor in Dredging Engineering
Director, Center for Dredging Studies

Office: HEB 139C
Phone: 979.845.4568
Email: r-randall@tamu.edu

Rodriguez-Iturbe, Ignacio

Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe

Distinguished University Professor
Distinguished TEES Research Professor

Office: HEB 139B
Phone: 979.458.3141
Email: irodriguez@ocen.tamu.edu


Surupa Shaw


Office: PMEC 115 (Galveston)
Email: surupashaw@tamu.edu

Robert Skelton

Robert Skelton

TEES Distinguished Research Professor

Office: HRBB 722B
Phone: 979.845.3947
Email: bobskelton@tamu.edu

Socolofsky, Scott

Scott Socolofsky

Division Head, Environmental, Water Resources, & Coastal Engineering
Joint Faculty - Professor, Civil Engineering

Office: DLEB 802B
Phone: 979.845.4517
Email: socolofsky@tamu.edu

Somayajula, Abhilash

Abhilash Somayajula

Assistant Research Professor

Office: PMEC 134 (Galveston)
Email: sabhilash@tamu.edu

Subramanian, Rahul

Rahul Subramanian


Office: PMEC 135 (Galveston)
Email: rsubramanian@tamu.edu

Sweetman, John A

John A. "Bert" Sweetman


Office: PMEC 216 (Galveston)
Phone: 409.740.4834
Email: sweetman@tamu.edu

Wood, Amanda L

Amanda L. Wood

Instructional Assistant Professor
OCSE Program Coordinator

Office: PMEC 119 (Galveston)
Phone: 409.741.4015
Email: wooda@tamug.edu